Chain Smoking House Mate

Miriam calls roommates “house mates” I’m not sure if it’s an Oregon thing or a Texas thing. I suppose that house mate is a more accurate term, as we are sharing a house rather than a room. It doesn’t sound quite right coming out of my mouth though. I call my roommates roommates, although they share a room and not me.

My roommates are sisters-Casey and Kelly. They’re about 2 years apart in age and according to everyone other than me, they look “exactly alike” They share a room, a king sized bed, and an incredibly close relationship that I’m sort of jealous of. I’m jealous of the fact that, as sisters they are so close and are each other’s best friends. Whereas, my sister is an ex-addict with a child that my parents are raising. That, my friends, is another blog.

On the other hand, I find the closeness of their relationship a bit on the odd side. They spend most of their time together, sleep together, and talk on the phone to each other multiple times a day. Do most siblings behave this way? Am I the odd one for not having this sort of relationship with my sister? I think not. Or I’m bitter.

Nonetheless, my roommate, Kelly, the oldest one, told me that she was going to quit smoking about a week ago. It’s probably the fourth time that she’s told me this since I moved in late June. I don’t pretend to know what it’s like to get over an addiction. My only real addictions are Oreo cookies, cupcakes, and sex with my girlfriend. Three things that I’m not planning on giving up any time soon, nor do I feel the need to give up, actually. Although, the cookies and cupcakes can be considered a hazard to my health. But I only turn to them when I can’t have sex with my girlfriend, like tonight. Oreo cookies in hand.

So, Kelly tells me that she’s going to quit smoking. She swears to me that she’s done with it and that if I ever see packs of cigarettes lying around the house that I could throw them away. Now, fourth ciggy hanging out her mouth as she furiously types away at her computer, I doubt that she’ll let me take the pack sitting next to her and fling it out of the window on the the street below. It’d be funny though.

Casey, just came in with the pack of Oreos I need to stop stuffing into my mouth, brought her a second pack-just because. Sisterly love? I dunno. If that’s sisterly love, I’ll skip it and keep the distant, rather non-existent relationship I have with my own sister.


One thought on “Chain Smoking House Mate

  1. We say house mates or flat mates here in the UK. Room mates never sounds right to me! I always imagine you sharing rooms!




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