The First Paragraph of the Short Story I’m working on

About five months ago my old computer died with all of my work still living in it. I considered it a good thing. My novel was sort of at a stand still; it allowed me to start fresh. I started writing a short story (which is turning into a novella) about a month and a half ago. Here’s the first paragraph…

Gertrude sat on her front porch of her house. She’d lived in the house for almost fifty years. Her husband, Stanford, had purchased it while they were still engaged. It was two months before the wedding and he picked her up from her parent’s house on a cool October Saturday. They were finalizing the guest list. He drove without her asking the destination and only stopped her constant chatter when the car came to a halt outside the largest home she’d ever seen up close. It was impressive. Old and white washed it had a porch that wrapped around the entire front half. The windows were large and inviting and the lush green lawn that surrounded it still blooming with autumn mums.

I’m loving writing it so far! More to come later, I’m sure. For now, starting to pack for camping with Miriam this weekend.


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