Amazing Videos on YouTube Post

I’m sick…since my birthday with a killer sinus infection-type head cold.  Plus, sneezing, coughing, and sore throat.  Yay.  Enjoy

If you haven’t seen this one, get some kleenex

Lots of F-Bombs here, you’ve been warned

4 thoughts on “Amazing Videos on YouTube Post

  1. Sad, all those kids committing sucide. Noone should ever be made inferior in regards to their sexuality. Even i see straight kids as weird sometimes but i don’t threaten or beat them up so why should we be treatedly horrendously? I hope the us gov, takes action.

  2. nice videos to bring the awareness. However, I have to admit that being narrow minded and not being able to think on your own can’t be cured or treated by videos, by words or any other form of communication.
    Thanks for sharing and thanks for the effort

    • That’s true, Dace. There are some things that cannot be helped. I’d like to think that they’re helpful for those who don’t have a resource, and those who aren’t able to see the face of LGBTQ people in their communities. Thanks for the kind words!

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