Camping Part Deux

Sunday afternoon Miriam and I got back from our camping trip in the mountains. My favorite part was not sleeping in a tent when temperatures dropped below 30 degrees. It was not the fact that there was no hot sex in the tent because the temperatures dropped below 30 degrees, which prevents sleeping nude as you normally do. Because when the temperatures drop below 20 degrees you tend to layer up-5 layers to be exact, which makes it fairly difficult to get busy. Nonetheless, the trip was amazing. The colors in the mountains right now are unbelieveable. We stayed at Taconic State Park, which is in Dutchess County, NY-about a two hour drive from the city. We got a late start-intense errand running in NYU area. Driving in Manhattan proper, as I remembered very quickly takes balls. It’s exhilerating and terrifying all at the same time. It didn’t help that the last car I’d driven was a SUV and the car we drove up was a teeny tiny Honda Civic with a steering wheel the size of a bumper cars.
This is Mount Kisco…small scary town.
This is me, on my mountain. Well, only half way up the mountain. Notice the lack of ropes. It was beautiful, scary, and wonderful.

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