I’m a Dating Machine

First off, work has been AWFUL and utterly time consuming. Although, I have had a chance to get out there and get dating…

Last weekend was especially busy-I had a late night phone call on Friday from S #1 that resulted in an even later night visit, a long sleepless night and ridiculous amounts of tired the next day at work.

Then Saturday I had an official date with s#2-that one was a little more confusing than plain old uncomplicated sex the prior night. Dinner was great and the conversation was good but there wasn’t a spark. The following day I gave up an amazing FREE concert at Central Park to trek, by train, to the Bronx to hang out and watch movies-which usually means making out-but in this case it was just watching movies. No kiss. No hug. No nothing. And then, because I’m a crazy person with the inability separate lust feelings and friend feelings I told her I had a crush on her, maybe, and haven’t heard from her since.

No bother-Last night I went on a drink thing with Lady M and am feeling very good about it. I spoke to her last night after the date and via computer today and all was well-AND we have plans to hang out for Pride since my best friend, Matthew, cannot make it.

Last night, with Lady M, I was really happy and enjoyed myself tremendously. She’s an incredibly beautiful, wildly captivating, slightly androgynous woman. I had to check myself for the ridiculous amount of smiling and looks of longing that I was throwing across the table. I’m excited and hopeful.


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