There must be something in the water

One of the best things about women in New York is their independence. It has to be said that every woman in New York is a transplant, like myself, but we tend to grow rough, independent New York skin about year into moving. We want things for ourselves. A career, fun, nights out with friends, drinking, parties, going to museums and restaurants. Out of all of my New York friends I have 0 that are engaged, married, or pregnant. A lot who are in relationships, and more that are single-men and women alike.

On the other hand, up in the OH I just had another sorority sister announce her baby news via MySpace. Let’s just look back about a year ago-less than a year ago in many cases. Their MySpace pages were filled with bachelorette party pictures, wedding count downs and blogs and bulletins with pictures of rings, invitations, etc. Now, less than a year later there is one baby born, and about four or five in utero. And it’s not just my sorority sisters-It’s the girls from high school too! The ones in the OH only. Thankfully, they are not as picture posting happy-just an occasionally update or two.

Forgive me if I’m wrong or maybe old fashioned, but aren’t you supposed to wait until the second trimester to announce your pregnancy? Did I read that some where or is it just something mama always said. You’re supposed to wait until you’re at three months, right?

I’m not a debbie downer, and I’m so happy for all of them, really. But come on! Do we really need to see pregnancy tests as profile pictures? Or countdowns to birth dates with little pictures of what the zygote looks like?? NO! I don’t go posting pictures of one night stands, lubes, or dildos-Hot pictures of salacious sapphic sex..maybe I should


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