Did I Ever tell you, I was a runner?!

Hey Everyone!

First, If this is your first Erika Marathon Update-Welcome! I’m Erika. I’m running a marathon with Team in Training to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in San Francisco on October 19th. I most likely got your e-mail address from a forward I recieved, a friend of yours, or from my address book. Please forward on this e-mail to another friend or one hundred or so!

Second-Training…Tuesday’s run was amazing! We did some one-mile time trials. We ran 1.7 mile lower loops at Central Park with the miles timed and the ,7 easy. I didn’t walk at all! My first mile was 9.31, my second mile was 9.48, and my third was around 10.00. All-in-all, I ran 5.1 miles and was ready to keep running more! Talking to my mentor, Felicia, the times should’ve been reversed-meaning I should’ve run faster the last time but hey! My only goal was to have my miles under 10 minutes-and that I did! Saturday we’re working on distance over time. For some crazy reason I love to run distances. It’s a great time to spend with yourself and it’s a time to think so running for ever and ever and ever on Saturday will be refreshing. So, while most of you will be recovering from Fourth of July hangovers, I will be at Central Park at 8AM RUNNING!

Fundraising-Kind of a stand-still, people and that’s not really cool. In case you’ve forgotten, or this is your first e-mail. I’m running for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Every ten minutes we lose someone to blood cancer-that is really unacceptable, don’t you think? The Research that LLS does is not just for blood cancers, rather the stepping stone for colon cancers, breast cancers, cervical cancers, lung cancer. The research that they are finding out, with the help of your funding, is helping to find cures for Cancer. Cancer Period. No matter the variety, they are all devestating. The money that I’m fundraising this season goes directly to the LLS to help support research, patient relations, and funding. The scary thing is that I have to have $1000 in by the end of July. The 26th of July to be exact or I CAN’T RUN! I really really need your help. I’ve donated $80 myself am challenging all of you to donate at least $10 Before July 26th! I’m counting on all of you for support! You’re my friends, my family, some random people I’ve never met! Thing is, I’m sure you’ve probably met someone; a friend, a family, a co-worker, that has cancer. That’s how real this is. That’s how important it is.

I find my inspiration in every practice. My running partner isn’t doing well, actually, and it’s looking like she won’t be able to run this Marathon. Her cancer hasn’t returned, (thank god) she’s just having some nerve problems with her leg and physically cannot run. I can’t let her down! If she can’t run this marathon I have to run it for her! Please, Please (yes, I’m begging) Please go to my website before the 26th and make a donation, any donation that you can. Please send this e-mail to as many people as you can so I can get my minimum $1000 by July 26th so that I can run on October 19th.

And now, here are the websites.

This is the website about the organization that I’m running with.


This is the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Website-so you know where you’re money is going.


that’s where you make your donation. I only have $130-I NEED YOUR HELP!!

Thanks so much! Happy 4th!!

Erika K. Davis
An Estimated 823,349 Americans are living with leukemia, Hodgkin, and non-Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma. I am running a Half Marathon with Team in Training to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society on October 19th. I have $5500 to raise to help save lives! Go to my fundraising site today to make your donation today! http://pages.teamintraining.org/nyc/nikesf08/edavis


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