There’s a Chill in the New York Air…

A Monochromatic look from Madewell

…which can only mean one thing.  FallFashion!!  Augh, I’m excited, I cannot begin to tell you.  I know that this little chill in the air and the ever-increasing crisp nights do not mean that it’s actually fall in NYC, yet.  I’m betting on one more heat wave before it really starts to cool off permanently.  It is, after all, only the 15th of August.  Still, the fact that I had to wear my scarf today for warmth in the subway, rather than for fashion, and that when I emerged from the station I kept it on means sooner than later, it will be fall.

Of course, an apartment with no closets makes shopping and stocking amazing clothes a little bit challenging.  I only very recently purchased plastic tubs to store my off-season garb and I’m still debating on function over fashion in terms of buying those ugly plastic risers so that I can shove more clothing under my bed.  I’ve started pulling my opaque tights out so I can take inventory of them.  Which to throw out (because holey tights aren’t my thing)  which to keep, and which colors I do not need to buy this year (any shade of blue-ish green) and which colors to look out for (acid yellow).

Oh look, it's me!

I’ve taken steps to make the most of my small space, I’m actually thinking of building shelves to put in my bedroom.  And while my kitchen is teeny weeny, it has potential.  It just takes a little bit of creative thinking, some clever Ikea furniture and shelving solutions and it will almost feel like I have a real kitchen and a real closet instead of not. 

Clearly, the storage solutions will happen, it hasn’t in a year but this is the year, I can feel it.  Let’s get to the looks that I’m most excited for this year.  Before I do, a little disclaimer.  I’ve had people ask in the past-Are you butch or are you femme?  How do you identify?  and What’s your style?  Truth be told, I’m not butch or femme and I identify as a gay black Jew (to be)  My style changes with my mood and I’m not a slave to fashion or what’s “in” or “out” I wear what I like. 

This what I’m liking right now.

Anna Pump-The Frye Company

It’s best to start with shoes, don’t you think?  These leather pumps from Frye are so beautiful!  I don’t wear heels (well) and I’m told that these platform-type heels are easier to walk in.  I clearly won’t be getting them because I know I won’t be able to walk in them but they’re so pretty!

Maya Vintage Stud-The Frye Company

These are a little bit more my speed.  I’m a HUGE fan of peep-toe heels, especially in the fall and especially with bright, opaque tights.  These I might actually purchase.

Miranda T Strap-The Frye Company

These are definitely coming to live with me.  More than a peep-toe, I love a T-Strap.  They’re so vintage-looking, practice, and always make a dress or skirt or pair of jeans look amazing.  I have a pair of “vintage” Frye TStraps from 2 fall seasons ago.  They’re beat up but I love them.  And-They’re purple.

The Aberdeen Two-Town Oxford-Madewell

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you may have noticed that Oxfords have come back-in a major way.  As all of you know, I attended an all-girls high school where Oxfords were what we wore so when I saw them make a come back last fall I supported everyone who had them on.  Hell, Mirs has at least 3 styles of Oxfords but I could never bring myself to buy them.  Whenever I tried them on I expected to see a skinny girl in a short plaid skirt, knee high socks, untucked Oxford blouse hanging out of a cardigan sweater.  Believe me, I’ve kept a lot of those school uniform sensibilities.  I love a good cardigan and I’m all for an Oxford shirt but the shoes?  Maybe this year because I love these from Madewell.

The Biker Boot-Madewell

 Boots on the other and?  I can’t get enough of them!  The Biker Boot by Madewell I’m loving but I especially love the cowgirl-esque look of the Frye Boot-I want them both!

The Taylor Pull On-The Frye Company

 Alright, enough shoes and boots-let’s get the the apparel.  Starting with this AMAZING leather jacket from All Saints.  I walked into the store in SoHo about a month ago an started to drool, literally.  Mirs had to hand me a napkin to wipe the spit off my face.  I wanted everything-including the vintage Singer sewing machines all over the shop.  If you’re in NYC and want to look at pretty leather things-go.

Lana Leather Jacket-All Saints

 This pretty layered look comes from my former employer and always love, Anthrpologie.  I’m glad to see that this yellow color is still getting love.  I love the layers, the tights and the simple beauty of this whole look.  Minus the hat-my hair will NEVER. Fit. In. That.

Lovely Layered look from Anthropologie

 Oh, look!  Another Leather Jacket from All Saints.  And this one Is. on. SALE!!  I can’t buy it because I’m trying to save my money and not throw it at $200 jackets but if anyone wants to buy it for my October birthday I’ll need it in a large.  Please and thank you.

Cobra Leather Bomber-All Saints

 What can I say?  I’m a sucker for a knit dress.  Paired with opaque tights and boots.

Another great Anthropologie Look

 It’s so simple.

Can you hair be any awesomer?

Yes, I wrote “awesomer” and I don’t care.  I love this look from Banana Republic. The styling is something I would totally wear myself and the hair?  Shit, why can’t my hair be that big??  I just wish I could see the Jacket on.

There are more looks I’m in love with, that’s for sure, but this is a great start.  I cannot wait for fall!  I’m excited about wearing boots again, and hearing dried leaves crunch under them.  I’m excited about drinking hot coffee and Mexican hot chocolate.  I’m excited to see the leaves change and I’m excited to snuggle on the couch with my lady.

I know that I’ll regret saying it in December but I’m sort of over summr…Bring on Autumn!!


2 thoughts on “There’s a Chill in the New York Air…

    • BLAZERS!!! I had so many pictures of blazers, mostly from J.Crew, that I could not post, for some reason. They are definitely a weakness for me, too. I feel like you can never have too many.

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