I’m Baack (with a strained Back)

Yes, that’s right.  Working for the grocer finally took its toll on my old-for-a-thirty-year-old back.  I spent an hour in the doctor’s office today and have a referral to a specialist on Thursday.  Truth be told, it’s not nearly as bad as it was a few days ago.  I can actually reach down to tie my shoes without shooting pains up my back and sitting is comfortable again.  Still, because I’ve had to miss work I have to wait for the specialist to give me the OK to head back in.

On the bright side, I can get my apartment organized, get some writing done, and catch up on some reality TV via the computer!  There are a few changes afoot, one of which is my new blog dedicated solely to my Jewish journey http://blackgayandjewish.wordpress.com/ so make sure you check it out and tell all of your black, gay, and/or jewish friends to do so as well.  I’ve been hammering out my memoir, of the same title, and feeling extremely good about it.  And my little blog here has been getting some mentions on other blogs  as well.  Overall, my writing hiatus has been positive.  Now, hopefully they’ll give me some drugs 😉


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