So. Tired.

Taking a little break from blogging for a bit.  My job is a little, taxing.  At the moment I’m working the over night shift.  10pm-8am which leaves my body tired, drained and my brain is turning to mush.  I’ll be back writing when I’m awake when folks are awake and asleep when folks are asleep (at least in the Eastern Time Zone) 

While I’m gone, here are a few things you can do to bide your time

1.  Re Read some older blogs.  Wouldn’t it be cool to start at the beginning and read all of my blogs in order?

2.  Tell your friends about my blog.  I’m trying to get 31,000 readers by my 31st birthday. 

3.  Find me a literary agent.  I need an agent, something fierce, if I’m going to get this book published when I’m finished writing it.

4.  Plant something.  It’s the end of the growing season here in NYC but herbs and lettuces and some squash varieties would be perfect!

5.  Go tell your friends about my blog.

See you in a week!


2 thoughts on “So. Tired.

    • I feel like a vampire! I just woke up from my “night’s sleep” and I’m all discumbobulated (I don’t even think I spelled that correctly) it feels as if I am in a haze, and I’m under the impression that everyone has just waken up for their “night’s sleep” ARG! Only three more days of this misery!

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