Ask OhioLezGirl..almost anything

Over the past year I’ve received some interesting e-mails from readers.  Some of them quite offensive that I immediately delete and trash and others quite amusing that I’ve stored away until now.  Enjoy!

Q.  “I really like your hair in your pictures and your vlogs, what product do you use?”

A.  I really like my hair, too!!  I started growing my hair out naturally because getting a relaxer in NYC was really expensive.  I’ve tried about a half dozen products and finally found two products I used together.  Deva Curl for my shampoo and conditioner and Hair Rules for my curls.  You can purchase them at Rickys NYC here in New York or on their websites.

Q.  “Your article “The Top and/or Bottom Phenomenon” was interesting.  Are you a top or a bottom?”

A.  I don’t like labels in general.  Top, Bottom, Butch, Femme.  They work for people but I’m not one of those people.  I think that it’s too limiting for me personally but if you talk to a butch identified top she’d tell you differently.  I’m toppy and bottomy-it depends on our mood.

Q.  “I’m a straight guy but wondered if you had any tips for meeting a woman.”

A.  Oh, straight men.  I always have tips for meeting women but I think the number one thing to remember is to treat all women with respect.  Ogling a woman on the street, in a bar, any where is really unflattering, pretty disrespectful, and quite frankly makes women feel uncomfortable. 

I suppose, too, it depends on the situation.  Meeting a woman at bar wouldn’t be my advice at all.  You’re never going to be able to have good conversation and she thinks you’re just trying to get laid and you’re just trying to get laid.  It sounds really cliché but I find grocery stores the most interesting way to strike up conversation.  You could always try online dating or through friends.

If you’d like to ask me something (respectful and within reason) send me a line at

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