NYC Gripe

There are countless things that my fellow New York commuters do that annoy me to no end.  Some of my all-time pet peeves included teenagers and young adults talking so loudly on the train that it could be considered shouting, the playing of music on blackberries, iphones, and other small hand-held devices audible for the entire car to hear.  Worse than that is when they think they’re rappers (and they are not) and whilst listening to music in the earbuds they dance, gesture, and rap along (or sing along) loudly to whichever song they’re listening to with the gusto of JayZ in front of a camera shooting a video.  By far, though, my biggest pet peeve is nail clipping.

I don’t like to clip my own nails in my own apartment.  I don’t like the sound of it, the fact that you have to pick up clippings afterwards, the whole ordeal makes my skin crawl.  To have someone clipping ones nails in a subway car?  Torture.  Yesterday I decided to ride my bike on the subway.  It was another hot day and I’m catching my second summer cold.  I got on the train and was greeted with pet peeves number 1 and 4.  Loud-mouthed teen talking to a much older adult who failed to inform her that she didn’t have to speak at such a high decibel level and dude clipping is nails.

Why would you clip your nails in public?  And on a small, confined, cramped subway car?  It’s not only annoying but it’s down right disgusting, disrespectful and foul to stand not more than 2 feet away from someone casually clipping their nails.  I always glare at them with shock and horror before moving away but with a bike it’s a little more difficult.  I just want to scream “Where is your civility?  Where you raised by wolves?!”

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