Today Show Disses Same-Sex Couples

Have you seen this?  The Today Show’s annual Wedding Contest no longer is allowing same-sex couples to enter siting the lack of legal marriage for same-sex couples in the state of New York, where the “wedding” would take place.  The shitty thing about New York is that they voted down same-sex marriage in the fall, the consolation prize is that the state recognizes out-of-state marriages; even those that are same-sex, because you know, they’re married.

I’m not sure if I’m angry with NBC or livid, I’ve not quite figured it out just yet.  It’s utter bullshit is what it is!  There.  I’m livid.  It’s beyond upsetting.  You’d think that a network like NBC (not FOX, mind you) would be a little but more accepting and open in this arena.  What great publicity for NBC to show the world what a same-sex couple looks like.  We’re not going to steal or convert your children, we don’t have horns, or have orgies.  We pay bills, we argue, we go grocery shopping, we’re just like everybody else.  Talk about exposure!  But no, as second-class citizens we don’t even have the option to see a same-sex couple possibly maybe get “married” on live television. 

NBC Universal Inc.  Shame on You!  This is a HUGE set-back for Equal Rights (because let us not forget that marriage is a Civil Right) but it’s also a huge coup for the right-winged crazy -Christians who get confused about that whole “separation of church and state” thing.  I get that the state of New York doesn’t allow same-sex couples to marry but the Today Show wedding was never really a wedding, it’s a media-crazed, publicity-fused advertisement on speed…that millions of Americans get personally involved in every year.  Denying same-sex couples to participate completely devalues us, and the cause for Equal Rights. 

I call foul and though I don’t own a television, if I did I’d switch to that other morning show effective immediately.  The thing that really burns me, though is that they seem to be completely aloof.  Would they say that an Asian couple, an interracial couple, or that an interfaith couple couldn’t participate?  No!  Why?  Because it’s plain wrong, there’s no simpler way to put it.  Thankfully GLAAD has stepped in and I’ve done my part in signing the petition.  Make sure you do too!  While you’re at it, send NBC a few nasty e-mails.  You have to get through a SURVEY before hand but get those e-mails going.

3 thoughts on “Today Show Disses Same-Sex Couples

  1. Utter Fuckery, pardon my language but seriously, where’s the equality? True, I mean we aren’t different from any other “normal” couples but is bull shit, oh yeah, I will send em some damn nasty emails, just wait .

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