Dirty Little Secret

I’ve got a secret.  I’ve been reading bridal magazines.  Okay, just one bridal magazine and the only reason I purchased it is because a friend of mine’s wedding was featured in it.  So I purchased it to look at pictures from her beautiful wedding day and closed it back up to never look at it again.  Until yesterday.  In case you haven’t heard it’s quite warm in NYC right now.  Not even warm, it’s disgusting and hot.  I don’t own an AC, something I plan on changing this weekend.  I’ve been biking to work every day but decided yesterday, because I stayed at Mirs and my bike was at my house, that I’d take the train to work and needed something to read. 

So I opened it and read it and despite the fact that I’m barely represented in it in either race or sexual orientation I think I’m kinda hooked.  I mean, I didn’t go out and purchase another one or google bridal websites but I did fall asleep thinking about where I’d want to have my imaginary wedding…

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