Lesbians Like Tattoos

Me'Shell Ndegeocello rocks the Neck Tattoo

I’m pretty convinced that all Lesbians like or have Tattoos.  When I sat down with the Ladies of Dykes on Bikes 3 out of 4 of them had Tattoos.  Of Mirs and I’s group of friends I can only think of one that doesn’t have a tattoo-the majority of them have at least 2 and whenever I go out to a girl party I’m always checking out this girl or that girls tattoos to get an idea for my next tattoo.

Anchors away for Beth Ditto

Yup, I have tattoos, two to be exact.  The first I got my senior year of high school.  Being an October baby I was always older than everyone else in my class.  I got my license first and drove to school as a sophomore even though driving to school was a privilege saved for upper classwomen.  I was able to buy lottery tickets, cigarettes, and get a tattoo before anyone in my class.  After I purchased my lottery ticket and because I didn’t and still do not smoke getting my tattoo was the next-best adult thing to do.

the Quin Twins have lots of ink

I leaved through the Toledo Bell phone book for tattoo parlors in my city and proceeded to call them all in hopes of finding the least expensive place in town (not a good idea)  I went into the shop with my sister, flashed my new and shiny 18 year-old ID and flipped through the giant books of pictures until settling for the ____________.  I showed the guy the picture and laid down on the seat and let him do his thing.  About a half hour later I stood up and looked at my _________ and the ___________ I just had tattooed there and thought, “What the fuck was I thinking?!”   I was mortified but went to school for the next week and proudly showed the girls in my class my new ink.

JD Samson's got 'em, too

Now the only person who sees it is Mirs because she’s my girlfriend.  No one knows what it is or has seen it and I only tell people if they can guess in 20 guesses.  I will not tell any of you but it’s not amazing, at all.  Let’s just say that this artist was about $30, he wasn’t familiar with black skin and light colors should never be put on black skin, ever.

Kate checks out her sparrow

My second tattoo I got about a year ago at New York Adorned in the East village.  It cost me just under $100 for two small stars, one darker than the other to remind me of my parents.  It’s on my right wrist and I plan on getting 4 more, 2 for my sister and I and another 2 for my nephews.  I have to figure out a way to make them look cool rather than like a cluster of shooting stars or something equally tacky. 

On the tattoo horizon I want to get a vintage bird cage on my right side and the bird on the other.  I also want to get vintage cutlery on my left forearm and I am toying with the idea of an antique style bike (so gay) or an old camera…So how about you?  Do you have any ink?

9 thoughts on “Lesbians Like Tattoos

    • That would be kinda cool!! Maybe I’ll swipe your idea and take my stars in a line down my forearm…

    • Nice!!! I love me some tattoos!! 🙂 Thanks for the AE comments! I got more annoyed this morning and had to stop! Ha!

  1. At present I have 12, which includes my forearm sleeve.
    I got my first one at 22 from the only artist in my town at the time. She came highly recommended and I stuck with her until she retired.
    Since then I can’t recall the amount of studios I’ve walked out of simply because I didn’t like the vibe I was getting from the artist (The one thing I would say to anyone getting a Tat done is make sure you are 100% comfortable with the artist, no matter how good others tell you they are).

    Some of them have been poorly thought out, done in the spur of the moment. Now I tend to put a bit more thought into them.

    My friend Dale is fully certified and quite impressive, so I have given him free reign in creating a sleeve on my lower left leg reflecting my families caribbean/ Madeiran heritage. I’m actually looking forward to what he comes up with.

    • WOW! That’s a lot of tattoos! At this point I’m only going to artists that have been recommended to me or when I see the work on someone else. My first isn’t in view at all times, which is nice, because it’s such a disaster!

  2. I’m designing a tattoo at the moment, but I keep thinking that the tattoo artist is gonna sneeze or see a bird or something and fuck it up. That would be very sad indeed. 🙂

    • I think that, too!!! I always try to hold my breath thinking that sudden movements will fuck up the artist…then I realize that releasing my breath in sudden bursts would have the same affect!

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