Black Women I wish were Lesbians (or just come out, already)

I’m not going to get into who I think is a closeted queer and who I’m just really, really in love with.  This post is dedicated to strong, beautiful, talented, black women who I wish were gay (or just come out, already!!) 

In no particular order…

MC Lyte

I’m not saying anything.  I saw MC Lyte with Jean Grae at Sputnik in Bedstuy, Brooklyn over the winter.  It was beyond amazing.  I’m beginning to realize that my girlfriends love of a sista began way before me.  She’s not only in love with MC Lyte but Jean Grae as well.  Lucky for us, we’ve seen Jean Grae twice together in quite intimate settings.   The Autumn in Bed Stuy was amazing.  MC Lyte was literally inches away from us, leaning on M, actually while taping a video I still cannot find online.  MC Lyte.  I don’t think you’re queer but it’d be great if you were.

Corinne Bailey Rae

Is it the caramel-colored skin, the angelic voice, the British accent, the sensual soul, the amazing hair or a combination of them all?  Let’s go with D-All of the Above.  Corinne Bailey Rae, I know you’re very, very straight but there’s something in the way that you’re looking at me right now that makes me hope (dream) that you’ll tell me that you’re gay and in love with me.  I’ll be waiting patiently for your call.

Missy Elliot

Missy, Missy, Missy.  What can I say.  I wish you were gay.  There, I’ve said it.  There’s something about you that just screams GAY!to me.  And although in this picture you’re nails are crazy long and possibly acrylic I know that you are not.  I just wish you were.


Oprah Gayle.  Gayle Oprah.  Stedman (is that even how you spell it?) is your beard.  I get it, I understand.  I’m hoping that with your departure from network television and your new O Network that you’ll have a great opening show announcing your love.  I realize that this is just a dream and that it will probably never come to fruition but this gay girl can dream.

Speaking of Dreams…Rose Rollins.

We all know that Rose Rollins was gay for pay but she did it so well.  I was almost convinced that when she and Alice broke up that Rose would come to NYC looking for me to give her all the things that Alice could not.  Sadly, it seems that Ms. Rollins is just gay for pay and therefore, not in love with me.  In my dreams, though, she is.  We’re incredibly happy.  Planning a family, in fact.

Last, but certainly not least, I give you Queen Latifah.

According to Queen Latifah and her girlfriend/trainer/girlfriend bought a home together.  Both names are on the deed.  If this is true, Queen, will you please come out?

That’s it.  Ladies I’d love to be gay.  Happy Wednesday

11 thoughts on “Black Women I wish were Lesbians (or just come out, already)

  1. I’m allowed to lol right? On Oprah…wow that would be something. But Queen Latifah may still be in the closet..probably.
    Love your blog btw 🙂

    • I’m glad you like the blog, Juanita! And I’m sticking to my guns, Oprah and Gayle come out in 2012. I just made up that date but I feel it in my bones.

      Dear Oprah, if for some reason you read this I don’t really think that you and Gayle are lovers because I believe it when you say that you’re not. I’m just one little writer who wants you to read her book when it’s finished so it can be a bestseller. Please don’t hold this silly, trite little blog against me.

  2. I know that Queen Latifah has the right to be as vocal as she wants about her being gay, but I don’t really get why she hasn’t ever publicly acknowledged it. I guess it doesn’t really matter, but I prefer Ellen’s out and proud approach 🙂

    • That’s all I’m saying! Especially as a black woman I think it’s important for celebrities, especially to come out. I mean, is it safe for a black woman in rural town USA to come out in the local paper? Probably not but as a black woman we’re missing the visibility of the Ellens, the Rosies, the Rachels

  3. Yes, definitely to Rose Rollins! I was actually discussing with someone who is a famous black lesbian…..silence. There are no OUT household names like the Lindsay Lohan’s and Ellen’s. =|

    • i take it you’re not going to tell me which famous black lesbian you’re referring too…Wanda Sykes? She’s the only out one of us (not that I’m famous) that I can think of!! Tell me! 🙂

      • Wanda is the closest to a household name but in many places people do not know who she is. Someone on your list should come out already! Especially after buying a home with her girlfriend. 😉

  4. OMG MC Lyte isn’t gay? I could have sworn i had saw something about her coming out. Maybe that was just my imagination. I’ve been crushing on her since “back in day”. Oh and i think Oprah is so gay … i’m still thumbing through that recent biography about her life … but all signs point to hot homosexual sex with Gayle. BTW love the blog .. i’m happy i randomly stumbled across your comment on an After Ellen forum

    • i’d like to think that mc lyte came out but i don’t think so…if she did i better keep an eye on my gf because she LOVES her! i’m glad you like the blog!!

  5. I used to think (or possibly just wished) that Missy was gay, especially when she first came out with the group, Sista. Now the more I see of her, the less I think so.
    For the rest of the list I’d literally do a backflip or two if any of them actually were gay and came out. As it is I’ve just about given up on the chances of any prominent black woman coming out, which is a shame.

    As said above, it’s a cool blog you’ve got yourself here.

    • It is pretty terrible when you think about it. I mean, they’re out there. We all know it. And think of how much our lives would be different, as black queer women, if we had their faces to compare to ours? I mean, thank god for Wanda Sykes, but who else do we have besides her, Me’Shell and…and?? Thanks for reading my blog! Please continue to do so!!

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