Lesbians Like Cats

There’s no pun intended there but do with it what you will.  It’s true.  Lesbians like cats.  Don’t get me started with dogs, horses or  monkeys, I’ll cover those topics in upcoming posts.  Today we’re talking cats.  We all know that I just came out almost 3 years ago this summer so a lot of my truths are based on the people that I know and the people that I surround myself with.  Those truths are my truths but they may not be the truths for all other lesbians.  I’m just one dyke making her way in the big gay world. 

You’d be lying if you told me you didn’t know a dyke that didn’t have a cat.  I know a lot.  I’d say that of all of my lesbian friends I can only think of one that does not have a cat and it’s because she doesn’t like animals in general.  She’s one of my favorites in my given group of friends that I inherited when M and I got together.  She’s got a lot of energy, she loves red lipstick and if memory serves me correctly, she likes to look at other people’s pets but doesn’t want one for herself. 

So in my tiny experiment of lesbians with or without cats the lesbians with cats wins-thus my conclusion is that Lesbians like Cats.  But why?  My theory is that lesbians like cats because cats are very much like women.  Cats have an opinion and a point of view a lot different than that of a dog.  A cat will do what they will without any concern of anyone else-including their owners.  If you call a cats name it may turn to look at you, it may just turn an ear towards you, or it may ignore you all together.  Whatever the response, the owner of said cat will call the cats name over again-much to the annoyance of the cat. If the cat persists in ignoring the owner said owner will most likely walk over to the cat for a scratch, a snuggle, or a kiss between the ears.  The cat will tolerate the affection-as long as it is on their terms and when they’ve tired of your affections they will take their leave and commence with their window watching.    While cats like attention they don’t necessarily require it.  You can be assured that your cat will never stoop so low to do tricks, god forbid, for your affections if they desire it.  They just have to be and we humans will come.  Cats are self-sufficient and don’t require an insane amount of attention outside of their basic needs for food, water, shelter, and the occasional scratch on the base of the tail.  They can amuse themselves and day dream in the window for hours at a time.

Women are kind of like that.  Don’t get me wrong there are “dog” women, those affection-seeking, attention needing types of girls but the best girls are the cat girls.  The girls that love attention when they get it but will never beg or do tricks for it.  Women can be moody.  We like to do things on our own terms.  I like to think that one of the best traits of a woman is to always end up on our feet-like a cat.  No matter what happens, how upside down the world turns our lives, no matter how shitty things get we will dust ourselves off and try again.  Women are beautiful and spend a lot of time grooming themselves.  We are seemingly easy to understand but in actuality we have multiple layers and are in fact, quite complex.

I have a cat.  His name is Oscar and while his assholeness has subsided substantially since I last posted about my cat he’s still very much a kitten trapped in a cat’s body.  I know that in the very near future that his resistance of my cuddle will give way to a general, “whatever lady you can pet me all you want” attitude.  He already only turns to look at me when he wants to rather than any time I call for him.  M has a cat too, an older, fatter, blacker version of Oscar named Leroy.  His affections are single minded; food.  He’ll feign attention and adoration if you’re opening a can of wet yummy deliciousness to put into his bowl.  He’ll give a good welcome home head butt and let you pick him up and snuggle him before retreating to his favorite sleeping post.

It’s not a bad thing to say that Lesbians like Cats it just happens to be my truth.  So let it be written, so let it be done!

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