Mr. Transman 2010

Sunday night M and I went to Mr. Transman 2010 at the Knitting Factory in Williamsburg.  It was hosted by Murray Hill and featured great music from trans and queer bands, lots of beer, oh and of course a “pageant” of 8 really amazing transmen.  I’ve got a thing for a transman, I’m not even going to lie.  Sean Dorsey, if you’re out there and for some reason reading this.  I. Love. You.  Don’t worry, M knows ALL about my love for Sean Dorsey.  I fell in love with him at the Fresh Meat production when we were in San Francisco and I went to see him perform when he came to NYC.  I actually talked to him in San Francisco but that’s another fantasy story.

If we’re talking milestones the Mr. Transman contest is the first of its kind in the world (that’s what they said) and was hosted by Original Plumbing, a magazine by and for transmen (and the men and women who love them).  The event was sold out and while it was the first of its kind, it definitely won’t be the last as Mr. Transman was christened and will forever remain a staple in the NYC queer scene.  I’m a fan.  I’ll be there every year until I’m too old to be cool. 

The evening started with two performances before the actual competition took place.  All of the contestants were pretty unique.  A really tough-looking barber with a heart of gold, a sweet emo-boi looking for peace, a skinny, binded face mask wearing boy, a performer who dresses as a gay boy in drag, an urban cowboy wrestler and Kit.  I had my obligatory favorite, Team Kit, since we’d met up with some friends and they were with friends on Team Kit.  After the talent portion where Kit gave a ridiculously well crafted spoken word performance that had the crowd cheering and clapping for a good two minutes straight I was glad that I picked Team Kit.  He ended up winning Mr. Transman 2010 which not only an honor because he’s the first Mr. Transman title holder but because he gets a lot of fucking lube from Babeland. 

In all seriousness, the night was really outstanding and has me itching for more queer events in NYC.  There were so.  Seriously.  If ever there were a night to have a wandering eye Sunday was that night.  Of course I went home with my one true love but that doesn’t mean that there were dykes, lesbians, femmes, butches, bois, trans men of every flavor, if you will.  Really, whatever your preference in a person they were represented.  There were super butch black girls in fedoras and suspenders, emo-butch girls in thick glasses and tight graphic t-shirts.  Sexy femme girls with red lips, low-cut shirts, and tattoos.  Transmen kissing other transmen, gay men with transmen, trans men with femme girls, chubby butches with skinny femmes and chubby femmes with skinny butches.   Black, White, Asian, Latina, amen. 

Mr. Showbiz mentioned early in the night when the first Team Kit posters went up that it was nice to be at a queer event where the posters aren’t threatening or hateful and it was true.  As I held M’s hand and looked over my shoulder it was great to see same-sex couples embracing, kissing, snuggling.  It was nice to see queer girls cruising other queer girls.  It was great to go to the bathroom and have a hot boi check you out and ask your name as opposed to a dude calling you “baby” and telling you you look good. 

If you google Mr. Transman 2010 NYC you’ll get few websites mentioning it.   One, in particular, talks about the event in an article and the first comment was an ignorant dyke commenting, “Why would a dyke be interested in a transman contest?”   I can’t even get into it and chose not to ignore her, as the rest of the commenters did but is it so wrong to be inclusive?  Not all but most transgendered men were lesbians.  On a broader spectrum as LGBTQ individuals we have to stick together.  Stay strong for the common cause which is equal rights. It’s so infuriating to read such prejudice within the community.  The creator of Dapper Q, a new transmen’s fashion website, mentioned the riff in the community-especially from older dykes.  I’d argue that a few younger dykes are the same way and it makes zero sense.  I can only credit Rodney King and ask, “can’t we all just get along?”


4 thoughts on “Mr. Transman 2010

  1. hey! I love this post, thank you so much! The big goal of the night was to create a space where everyone – all genders – felt welcome and free enough to truly express themselves AND to bring everyone together!! …and boy o boi, did that happen, and then some! There is SO much diversity in the scene and I was pumped to see the amazing turnout! see you soon, thanks again for great post!

    • I’m just excited that Murray Hill is commenting on my blog!! 🙂 It was such a great night! Thank you so much for bringing this to the community I cannot wait for this next year!

    • First, Hiya!!
      Second, I love your blog!! I found it by accident when you did the article about J. Crew and their XS, and XXS men’s shirts, something they didn’t have when I worked there. It was such a great night! I look forward to more events like that and, of course, your blog!

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