Pura Vida


Pura Vida means “pure life.”  It’s a greeting for Ticos and Ticas (Costa Ricans) and you hear it among friends all over Play Chaquita, the small beach town we stayed in for 5 nights.  We stayed at a rustic bungalow run by soon-to-be husband and wife pair, Brendon and Angie called Tierra de Suenos. http://tierradesuenoslodge.com/  I’m kind  of a nerd when it comes to reviews so I literally read every review of Tierra de Suenos lodge on Trip Advisor.  There was only one bad review from some British women who must not have understood that “a lodge in the heart of the jungle” really means “a lodge in the heart of the jungle”  I understood it and it was magically.

Costa Rica Day Two-a Journal Entry

This morning I woke up around 5AM because of the howler monkeys.  It was hard to tell how many monkeys there were or how close or far away they were but there seemed to be a lot of them and they were extraordinarily loud.  For me, though, not really an annoying loud but a loud that I’ve never heard before and probably will never hear again until I return to Costa Rica-which I intend to do.

There are so many sounds in the jungle that are foreign to my ear.  After those noises gave way in the middle of the night there was some familiar sounds-like camp sounds.  The constant hum of insects, the buzz of locusts, helped me feel comfortable and just as I drifted off to a peaceful sleep my ears were assaulted by sounds unfamiliar; geckos, toucans, and other animals.  I woke up and left the bungalow at 5AM in search of the howler monkeys or a sloth or another animal foreign to my eyes.


2 thoughts on “Pura Vida

  1. I would love to hear all of that instead of televisions, computers and the highway behind my house. Similarly to you I suppose, it’s the need to get back in touch with the earth and yourself for a bit rather than actually moving away. I think the problem after a while is so many expectations from everyone in your life.

  2. really late reply-
    It was incredibly refreshing, let me tell you! I crave the jungle noises. The other day I made gallo pinto which is the Costa Rican version of rice and beans and for the first time in my life had a food sensory memory. I literally felt euphoric and wished I were back

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