I’ve been a bad, bad girl

I know it.  I’ve been bad.  So very bad.  I need a spanking. I have no excuse.  Nothing crazy or out of the ordinary is going on, really.  Just planning for my trip to paradise.  Trying to figure out life’s lessons-you know, why are we here?  What’s the meaning of life?  Why can’t 8 days flash forward to March 25th when I board the plane to Costa Rica.

I’ve been learning a lot about Costa Rica.  For instance, did you know that there is one tiny province in Costa Rica with a malaria problem?  Turns out that one province in the whole country is where we’ll be spending our 7 days in the jungle with mosquitos that may or may not be carrying malaria.  Things I’ve learned about malaria.  Ahem:  Quinine was one of the first malaria treatments.  It’s the stuff that’s in tonic water.  It tastes quite horrid so back in the day the Brits used to mix their Quinine with Gin creating the first Gin and Tonic drinks still drunk today-Malaria or not.  Quinine is the substance in most anti-malaria medicines-trouble with that is the terrible nightmares, possible constipation and/or diarrhea, liver problems, paralysis, and some times heart failure.  YAY!  Or you can just drink tonic Water-about 1 liter a day-if you don’t want to take an anti-malaria medicine.  OR you can just buy DEET filled Deep Woods OFF (my option) and risk getting malaria.  In which case you’d just go ahead and admit yourself to a hospital to start a regimen of treatment to reverse the effects of the parasite in your body.  *Sigh*  I didn’t get Swine Flu or West Nile Virus so the way I see it, I’m a tough dyke!  I don’t need no damned malaria medicine!   So I’m not getting any and instead packing a few liters of tonic water just in case.

One thought on “I’ve been a bad, bad girl

  1. Hi Erica!!! I just found your blog and I hear you have a vlog as well. I’ve been reading this blog and so far it is very interesting. Very insightful. Well anyways, enjoy your trip to Costa Rica and I will say a prayer for you that you don’t catch malaria.
    love you,
    cousin Tammy

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