15 Days Until Paradise!





I’m not sure that the image above is actually Costa Rica.  I googled “Costa Rica” and it was my favorite of those that came up.  Or, more accurately, it was one of the first images that popped up.  I’m going to Costa Rica in 15 Days.  (FIFTEEN DAYS!!!!!)  I cannot even begin to express the sheer elation that is this vacation.  Just the word “vacation” makes my mind whirl with images of beaches, mountains, rain forest.  I can see the clear turquoise of the Caribbean Sea.  I can taste its salt, feel its cool.   I can already hear the Howler Monkeys waking me in the morning, the sound of insects buzzing, smell the damp mossy green of the rain forest.  

I’m getting really good at visualizing myself in Costa Rica but no matter how great the visualization, I’m still in NYC.  All of the dirty, messy, complicated, stressful, frustrations that go with life in NYC.  Specifically, my life.  Right here and now.  Dirty, messy, complicated, stressful, frustrating.   It’s those sounds, those mental images that are already burned into my soul that are keeping me from loosing my cool.


4 thoughts on “15 Days Until Paradise!

  1. I’m so excited for you – those adjectives are making me hate this cold here in Canada! I love that on vacation you can just cut yourself off from all the shit you have to go through every day. It’s like your dreaming, a really good dream, and you don’t have to worry that someone is going to wake you up.

    • I’m so excited for me! Ha! I haven’t been on vacation in over a decade so it’s BEYOND time for me to get the fuck out of New York. And I love New York! I really do, but mama needs a break!

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