NYC Benefits

New York City Benefit parties often involve a lot of VIP Standards.  WASPs, Red Carpets, Couture, Lists, Celebrities, and Paparazzi.  If you’re having a good benefit party the New Yorker, New York Magazine, or Time Out New York talk it up and if you’re very lucky the Times will be there, too.  I’ve never been one of those kinds of benefits and I don’t really want to.

I don’t see the point of really wealthy A-List celebs and celebrity hangers-on (SATC reference) benefits.  What do those people know about poverty?  Nothing.  They’re great for sending money from their giant bank accounts for the better good.  Extra points if they visit the place they’re throwing their money at. Leonardo, Brad, Angelina, Ellen-I’m lookin’ at you.  So many times, though, I get frustrated that ordinary folks with ordinary bank accounts are left out of the mix.  They usually are-until now.


My friend Jessica and her husband are putting together a classic NYC benefit.  Minus the crazy lines, VIP lists, couture and celebs.  It will have an amazing line-up of bands, DJs and a Haitian drum band.  Please, if you’re in NYC, come to support!


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