Lesbian Parties in NYC

Last night I went to the Choice Cunts party with Mirs and my BFF.  Any queer girl in NYC will tell you that we’re seriously lacking a “scene”.  There are a handful of Lesbian Bars-Cubby Hole, Henrietta’s, Gingers to name a few (or them all) but most of those places lack a serious dance vibe.  I’m a girl who likes to dance.  I can’t remember what my first grade school dance was like, really.  I don’t know what song played when I slow danced with a boy for the first time or what I wore.  I just know that when the lights in the gym turned on and we were ushered out to our parents waiting in mini vans I was bummed. 

I notoriously closed down clubs in Toledo.  I was the last girl on the dance floor dancing by herself while friends looked on; bored and tired.  In college I danced on tables in frat houses, I even danced for 24 hours straight all in the name of philanthropy.  I love to dance with a partner but mostly I just like to dance alone.  When you’re playing straight getting your dance on and some dude comes up and starts grinding his junk on you it sort of kills the mood.  The nice thing about dancing with girls is that there’s no mister mister poking into your side or back when you’re grindin’ on the dance floor and if there is-well, you’re in for a treat.  I don’t need to dance with anyone though, although it’s always fun to dance up on my GF.  I’m perfectly at ease doin’ my own thing. 

So what do you do when you’re a lesbian who likes to dance living in a city with no constant dance party?  You throw one, apparently.  A few months ago I discovered while watching my GF and her friend get lesbian hair cuts by the The Traveling Lesbian Stylist (not her real title, I just gave it to her) and we were talking about Lesbian Party Turf.  It seemed very L-Word Season 5 with the Dawn Denbo sit down with the Planet girls.  There was talk amongst the group about which girls threw the best parties, which were crossing Turf Lines, and which should be avoided at all times.  I listened, as all neophyte lesbians should do when they’re in their Lesbian Adolescence, slightly mystified.  There are really Turf Wars for Lesbian Parties?  Shouldn’t we all just go and support one another and not talk trash.  The answer would be no.

Last night was the Choice Cunts http://www.myspace.com/choiceinbrooklyn at its new venue across the river into Manhattan.  My BF and I decided that we wanted to shake our asses.  I G-Chatted M and she was down and it was a date.  I’d been snooping around GO! Magazine’s site all afternoon trying to figure out the best option.  There were lots of queer Purim parties (notoriously a good time) but the Choice Cunts Party Intrigued me.  GO! Magazine promised a $5 cover if we e-mailed ahead of time and a start time of 10PM.  After drinking and primping we boarded the train and made it to the new destination just in time to be told that the party didn’t actually start until 11.  We stood outside in the cold for about 10 minutes before being ushered to the lady who takes the money. 

“Eight Dollars each,” she said.

“I RSVPed for three people.  Shouldn’t it be five each?”  I asked

“Eight Dollars.”

I was annoyed but it subsided when we realised that the vodka drinks were BoGo.  We settled into our drinks and friends and started to get into the dancing when it was announced that there was going to be a band playing a “short set” of songs.  Band name I cannot remember but it wasn’t my favorite.  When the DJ finally got to play I danced the night away to mediocre music until about 3AM when my BF and I decided to call it a night. 

Verdict?  Meh

Pros-Really cute girls, drink specials, venue, dancing the night away with my lady

Cons-Mis-Advertised Pricing and Time, mediocre DJ (she played Nirvana and did an entire set of 90’s techno), and random straight men.

note cute "lesbian hair"

note cute "lesbian hair", tattoos, and tank tops

i didn't ask to take this picture-hence the blacked out eyes

I only took a few of the crowd but there were really hot go-go dancers-one who was shirt-less save for a vest and strategically placed tape-so that’s always a plus.  The real question is-“Is There a Better Lesbian Party?  I’m not sure, but for the sake of research I’m about to find out.

8 thoughts on “Lesbian Parties in NYC

    • I suppose that depends on your definition of “get together” If you mean, is it easier to hang out and meet new lesbians then it’s always a bit of a struggle because I’ve found that some lesbian groups are hard to penetrate. Some groups of women have been together since college so getting “in” is a bit harder. But everything is harder in NYC

  1. I never thought there would be ‘cliques’, as you were saying about the turf wars. I suppose it makes sense- I know if I had some gay friends I would feel way closer to them than my straight friends. My best guy friend is gay but he never (underlined) talks about it, and my best girl friend is pan but it seems more of an attention thing than legitimate feelings.
    I can’t imagine having an exclusive group of friends though:S

    But, I actually meant finding someone; did you meet more or date more men when you were ‘straight’ or more women now that your not. Although, taking into account you are in a relationship.

    • ahhh…well i came out only 2 years ago. I dated two girls before meeting my gf and we’re celebrating two years this august. Started “dating” when I was 16. Came out twelve years later-more men than women. I still get hit on a lot by guys which is really annoying but when I was out last weekend I got hit on by a lot of ladies-whist holding my gf’s hand!

  2. Never heard of the Turf wars but then again, I don’t get out much socially in NYC nor do I have any gay friends/associates here. I have been been to Gingers and the only thing I was shaking in there was my beer as I gesticulated throughout my conversations.

    Thanks for the Choice link, interesting name too. I hope their DJs improve tho, Nirvana is great but not the best booty shaking music.

    • I think the Turf Wars are silly. I don’t really get it- it’s not my jam. I don’t remember their DJ sucking @ the last party we attended. I’m thinking she was new? I’m hoping she was new ’cause it’s one of my favorite parties. I mean the name alone is classic. Picture if you will: giant black man for a bouncer saying, “You ladies here for the Choice Cunts party?” Classic.

      No gay friends?! I don’t know what I’d do without my queer friends. I love my straight friends to pieces but you gotta find some homos to hang with! 🙂

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