it’s actually sunny in NYC

33 Days from now I’ll be boarding a plane with some of my friends to Costa Rica.  63 days from now I’ll be boarding a plane with my parents and my two nephews to Hawaii.  Yes, I’m lucky.  The Hawaii thing was a complete surprise.  A brief bit of back story-(if you want the whole story read blogs with Tags or Categories like “My Sister” “My Family”) my parents have been raising my adorable  nephew, Jullian, since he was born and my newest nephew that I call JD (Justice) since he was born.  50+ parents on the verge of retirement raising a 3 year old with a mind of his own and a 6 month old. 

Since Jullian was born I’ve gone home for any where between 5-10 days to babysit while my parents jetted off to places like Rome, Spain, Hawaii.  They’d leave me in Toledo, Ohio to watch my adorable but quite a handful nephew to get some much needed rest and relaxation.  Problem was that I’d use valuable vacation time from work to not take a vacation.  I’d get back to work a week later more tired and haggard then I’d been before I left and my boss or co-workers would say things like, “you just got back from vacation!  why are you tired?”  I’d have to remind everyone that babysitting a 1, 2, 3-year-old with a mind of his own is NOT vacation.  Ask any parent.  This year not only was I going to have to babysit Jullian but JD as well all alone for 7 days.

I felt horrible denying my parents a suitable vacation but I didn’t think I’d be able to handle it.  No lifeline when your folks are across the continent and the Pacific Ocean.  I was about to throw in the towel because my mom really does need a break when she told me that my father added me to the trip.  My sister would be coming to but when you’re addicted to drugs and the court mandates you attend 1 year of rehab you don’t get to go to Hawaii.  She’s 28 and I’m 30 but I can’t help but stick my thumbs in my ears, wag my fingers around, stick out my tongue at her and boast like I’m 6 again.  She’ll be in Toledo remembering that drugs are bad, she needs to be a better mother, and I’ll be in Hawaii laying on the beach, getting sand kicked in my eyes, waking up at the crack of dawn to feed them, running around after them,  manning poopy diapers and applying SPF80 sunblock to my nephews.  But it sounds a lot better doing all that in Hawaii.

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