Lesbian Fashion Friday Vlog

Good Afternoon!  Welcome to my first Vlog on Word Press.  I hope you enjoy it, pardon the nose picking at the beginning and tell me what you think!

Remember to go to thelesbianlifestyle.com and nominate me for Best Personal Blog

5 thoughts on “Lesbian Fashion Friday Vlog

  1. Great vlog, I was actually thinking about this recently because I’m British ad St.Lucian and I have medium brown skin and a red fro. I’ve wanted to cut it for a while now because it’s so irritating but hair stylists never know how to cut it properly.
    I actually only just realized I was gay about 3 months ago after thinking I was bisexual for about 2 years. The other reason I wanted to get it shorter was because I’ve wanted to look more gay. I’m seventeen and it’s been so stressful suddenly feeling mixed signals from girls I should assume are straight. I don’t even think a lesbian would know I am one from the way I look.
    I want to meet some other lesbians not just for a girlfriend but to have some girl friends that I can talk to without censoring myself.

    Lanna 🙂 xx

    • I’m in love with a product called Hair Rules. There products are sulfate and paraben-free and they work wonderfully. Check out their website. http://www.hairrules.com Go check it out! Congratulations on coming out of bisexuality a full-blown lesbian! It’s the best way out, I’ve found! 🙂

  2. Thanks alot, I’ll look into trying it out! And you’ve my vote for the Lezzy’s! I was just reading through your older blogs, and I couldn’t decide whether it was okay to laugh at ‘I peed my pants’ 🙂

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