Celesbian Sighting on the F Train

 So let me break it down for you.

Upon leaving work tonight I was debating whether to take the NRW train to Union Square or the F train to 14th & 6th.  I decided I’d have a better chance of getting a seat on the L train at 6th Avenue over Union Square and took the F with a coworker.  We made our way to the end of the platform and were getting settled into the wait for the train when I glanced up and saw the one and only Ms Rachel Maddow standing and waiting for the D train.

 I nudged my co-worker and whispered, “That’s Rachel Maddow!”  to which she answered, “Who?”

I whispered again and tried to do the head gesture thing but she still wasn’t seeing who I was seeing.  She actually asked me, “Who that guy?”

Um, excuse me, Rachel Maddow does NOT look like a guy!  Flabbergasted I actually pointed to Rachel Maddow and thankfully she didn’t notice-she was quite engrossed in her New Yorker (New York Magazine?  Newsweek?)  When the F train arrived I was relieved to see that she’d decided to stop waiting endlessly for the D and hop on my train.   She took the seat directly across from me and I was preparing things to say to her when another woman, who I presume was also gay, beat me to the punch.

Let me just say that Rachel is probably one of the most gracious, polite, and sincere famous people I’ve ever met-and I’ve met a lot.  She chatted with this stranger who stopped her on the subway platform from 47th/50th Rockefeller Center to 14th street where I interrupted.  Who knows how long they continued to chat but the thing about it was that Rachel seemed genuinely interested and engaged in this woman.

I don’t quite remember what I said to Rachel, but some where between 23rd and 14th it became apparent that the lady wasn’t going to let any one else chat up Ms Maddow so I apologized for interrupting and started my “Oh, Rachel, yours is the only podcast I listen to…”

To my surprise and delight she stood up, extended her hand and introduced herself, “Hi I’m Rachel”  Just like “Hey it’s Tuesday” or “Hey we’re riding the subway”  Yes, Rachel Maddow rides the subway.  I told her that I was a huge fan and that I’d probably be blogging about her tonight.  She’s instructed me to tell you the following:

-she has a lot of armed men riding the subway with her at all times

-that she’s really rude

-she never gets approached on the subway and she rides it every night.

Mental note, always take F train over NRW on the way to M’s house.  In actuality she was very kind, humble, sincere, and I’ve got to say-watching her push her glasses up her with her index finger, that killer smile that she flashes so easily, and the way she gazed deeply into my eyes…okay she didn’t gaze.  Direct eye contact, yes.  Gaze, in my dreams.  As I was saying, she’s really just another MTA passenger.  Who’s incredibly smart, witty, classy, charming, sincere, humble, genuine, and awfully darned cute if I don’t say so myself.  Rachel Maddow-Thank you.  Thank you for being another public figure for the LGBT community, for shaking my hand on the F train tonight, and making my commutes to work in the morning more informed and entertaining.



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