Time Out New York Singles Issue and my neighbor’s sexcapade

The February 4-10 red and heart laden cover of Time Out New York promises that if you open up you can meet 104 NYC Singles.  So I flipped to page 14 and was really surprised to find that out of the 114 singles chosen 7  are lesbians, 2 are female bisexual girls, 3 are male bisexuals, and a whopping 13 gays.  In total 25 eligible LGBT folks in NYC to check out. I’m a little concerned that they couldn’t find more lesbians for the issue but almost 25% isn’t a completely tragic percentage of homosexual love from Time Out New York.

 According to the issue you can read all about these single gays at http://newyork.timeout.com/articles/sex-dating/82394/date-these-singles  I gotta say, the ladies are really cute.  One in particular, Joshua, is so amazing.  She’s definitely not my type but I’ve met and chatted with her several times at her store.  She’s the owner of Rags-a-g0-go on 14th and 8th-one of Mirs and I’s favorite vintage haunts in NYC.  It never fails that every time we go in she gives a lot of special attention to my gf.  I think she may have a baby crush.  She’s a really down chick, really funny, super talkative, and knows a lot about music and vintage boots.  I met my gf online (not via a magazine singles issue) but hey, why not give it a shot if you’re lookin’ for love in NYC?

I’m not lookin’ for love, I’m looking for more lesbian friends.  I wonder if it would be weird to send some of the more interesting ones a message to just be friends.  Something like:

Dear You,

I saw your personal (I hope the term “personal”doesn’t offend) in the recent issue of Time Out New York.   While I’m not looking for a girlfriend because I’m happy in love, I am looking for some lesbian friends.  Please note that “friends” does not mean that we’re looking for a third for some kinky threesome it means just friends.  Someone to hang out with, go drink beers with and play pick up basketball at playgrounds in the summer.  Let me know what you think.



For an experiment thing for writing purposes I think I will.

I have  some wicked audio from night 3 in a row of my upstairs neighbor’s sexual triste with a fellow named Nick.  I slept with Mirs last night at her place so I’m not sure that there was a night 4.  When I was awakened from my blissful and much-needed sleep at 1 AM by her shrieks of orgasmic bliss I stuck my arm and Blackberry out of my window and recorded 52 seconds to share.  Unfortunately, it’s either me or my computer or me, but I can’t get the fucking file to download here so until I figure it out, take my word for it.  I could get paid money by selling this shit to porn companies for looping sex noises.  It’s intense, slightly faked orgasm noises complete with classic lines such as, “OH FUCK!”  and “OH GOD!”


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