not all lesbians like sports, can fix things, or can build a fire with two sticks…

 on the other hand, some lesbians are very good at sports, fixing things, and building fires with sticks.  Like my gf.  She’s really into sports-football and basketball specifically.  This weekend was the super bowl and the team we (she) was routing for one the big game.  I could care less about sports, to be quite honest.  I’ll watch a basketball game if she’s watching one.  I’ve been promised a Mets game this summer-which I’m excited for but only to say that I’ve done it.  And since I was a little girl watching football with my father and uncles on Sundays and Mondays or whatever other night football airs on network television I always stared at the television set some what mystified at how this game where large men throw an oddly shaped ball just to fall on one another was “manly” or actually a game. 

Lucky for me, my GF is very much into football and very much into patiently explaining that the yellow lines aren’t actually on the field as I’d always assumed they were.  She’s taught me what a down is, and other stuff I can’t remember and I can recite information about players pretty accurately and make those around me think that I actually know what I’m talking about.

Incidentally she’s also really good at fixing things and building things and can build a fire with sticks.


4 thoughts on “not all lesbians like sports, can fix things, or can build a fire with two sticks…

  1. Awesome entry. Sometimes because I don’t drive stick or watch sports, I feel less gay. HA! No, but that is at least something that is stereotypically common.

    • I always feel less gay for various reasons. Sports and tools are just a handful! Although, I do love a good power drill. I’m just not always sure how to use it! Thanks for the comment, TomBoy!

  2. lol. Are you talking about my gf here? She’s Jamaican, born and raised there, but she knows more about American football than most people I know. I knew nothing about football til I met her, I now know players names, which teams have better offense or defense, and even started having favorite players, etc.

    • WOW! You’re so much better than me, then. I don’t know all of that offense and defense stuff. Next year, maybe 🙂 She’s a really good teacher. My father was never patient-always shushing us kids when we asked questions so I grew up dumbfounded!

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