In Celebration of Black History Month 4 & 5

I’ve been slacking, yes.  I don’t have an excuse so I won’t make one up.  Let’s just get to my pair of Black LGBT Picks for the day.

Rebecca Walker


Alice Walker

At the risk of sounding mocking or like a bad imitation of an In Living Color sketch, “Can’t we all just get along!”  The literary genius that these two women possess is mind-boggling.  In trying to find just a little more information about each I’ve them my list of books to purchase sky rocketed.  I’m a sucker for a good memoir and the fact that Rebecca has inked two that I’ve not read is painful for me to think about.

It is my understanding that remarks made in Rebecca’s first Memoir, Black, White, and Jewish: An Autobiography of a Shifting Self are the reason behind the current estrangement between these two literary feminist powerhouses.  It is interesting though, to see the deep correlation of the make up of their lives.  They’re both considered strong feminists, they’ve both been romantically linked to ladies that play guitars, they’re both mothers, they are some of the most out-spoken black female voices of their era.  This article, written by Rebecca, is very eye-opening, poignant, and incredibly blunt.  I can see how a mother would be upset by it.

That said, collectively they are two of the most fascinating and arguably the best African American female writers of this century.  Thank you, Walkers, for making my reading list grow by leaps and bounds, thank you for our words, wisdom, and courage.

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