In Celebration Of Black History Month 2

Today’s Influential Black LBGT Pick is…

Me’Shell Ndegeocello

I first heard of Me’Shell back in the 90’s with this duet with John Mellencamp’s revisit of the song “Wild Nights.”   The song itself is catchy and there was something about this woman with the shaved head and cool shades wailing on the guitar that stirred something in me.  Keep in mind that back then, I rejected anything or anyone too radical, too gay-ish, or overtly “weird”.  I didnt’ seek out her CD to purchase or even consider getting the single.  I just enjoyed the song when it came on my top 40 radio station.

Fast Forward to my hands down favorite Lesbian Movie, “Lost and Delirious” during the amazingly beautiful, tender, and incredibly sexy sex scene the unmistakable voice that is Me’Shell pierces through the bodies and you can’t imagine it working without the song, “Beautiful”  off of her Bitter album.  The song is just that-Undeniable beautiful, soulful, frank, and that voice…incredibly sexy.

So when AE did a story on Me’Shell and her latest album, Devil’s Halo I instantly went to my iTunes account and downloaded it.  It’s full of all of the things I love about her-the voice, of course, the guitar riffs, the experimentation of genres and an amazing cover of “Love You Down”

She’s been linked to Rebecca Walker romantically, she’s done back up vocals from everyone from Madonna to the Indigo Girls.  She’s never hid her sexuality, wears her androgyny for the world to see while continuing to change the face of music today.  Bravo, Me’Shell!  You can sing me to sleep with that guitar any time you want.



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