in celebration of Black History Month 1

I hate “Months”  Especially as the only black kid in my sixth grade class then one of two in my seventh and eight grade classes it’s a lot of pressure.  A lot of stuff.  God, I have to write more of my novel.  Anyway.  I think “Months” are silly.  You can’t take the entire accomplishment of one race or sex or cause and simplify it into a single month.  Every day should be Breast Cancer Awareness, Women’s Suffrage, Black History Day.  ‘

That’s not the America we live in, unfortunately so I wanted to try to make a post dedicated to a gay/bi/trans/maybe so Black Woman who was influential to the world.   There’s no reason I’m starting with Josephine Baker other than the fact that I think she was beautiful.

I have a post card of the above image framed in my house because I think it is marvelous.  There’s a softness in the shape of her body-a length in her limbs and her neck and simplicity.  It’s breathtaking.

If you google Josephine Baker you’ll get a lot of websites siting her upbringing in the United States to her rise to sophistication and stardom in Paris, the constant rejection of the United States-a Times reviewer called  her a “Negro Wench” A few hint at her sexuality.  Wikipedia and the GLBTQ Website mention her affairs with women including Frida Khalo. 

I love that she was an advocate for civil rights in the United States while living as a French Citizen, her involvement in WW2 efforts abroad, and her recognition as an advocate for equal rights at home gives her an A+ in my book.  Bravo Ms. Baker!

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