that’s what love is all about

You’re all familiar with my blogging hiatus right?  It usually happens when I’m away from the internet or when I’m spending a lot of quality time with my lady.  The second holds true-lots of QT with my lady-love.  Use your imagination.  One and a half years of a relationship and angry responses to posts later (read blocked posts) I’ve become accustomed to what I can, I mean what I should and should not post on public blogs.  It’s been amazing though.  It’s the thing that happens when you’re in a solid and committed relationship.  That time when spending time is the best time that you can imagine and holding on to it for fear that if you let go, you may break the spell.

  I’m not saying break the spell meaning relationship disaster.  Anything can break the spell.  A pestering cat in the morning whining for its breakfast, the alarm alerting you to a job you don’t necessarily want to go to, a paper or a thesis that’s waiting to be finished, a story or a poem that needs some editing.  All of those things, those necessities important for survival in terms of the way you make an income or the way you advance your education. They’re not really as important as the investment in your relationship.  Since I’ve last posted I’ve been investing in my relationship.  Taking a huge chunk of change out of my checking to put into my savings and it’s not only paid off immediately but I know that I will have a big pay day in the future.

Today we rented a car from Hertz Connect.  It’s like Zipcar but BETTER.  We rented one two weeks ago to go grocery shopping and to get some new shelves for my apartment that’s finally but not completely coming together.  This time we only rented it for a few hours and spent our Sunday at the Fairway in Redhook.  Let’s just say-I love the Fairway.  It’s sort of like death to a foodie.  It’s like Zabars or that really expensive market on 14th and 8th but cheaper and without all of the pretence.  It’s big, it’s sprawling, it’s got a huge organic foods section and a meat/fish counter that’s out of this world, it’s crowded and full of anxious New Yorkers who still have yet to learn that on a Sunday morning whilst pushing your toddler Patience is, in fact, a virtue.  Despite the crabby parents, screaming children, and impossible small aisle vs. conventional style carts it’s culinary heaven.  The spice aisle alone, I can’t even get into it. 

After the Fairway we dropped off our groceries at our respective apartments with just enough time to return the Vovlo and duck into a sports bar for Happy Hour Beers and to watch the Cowboys get their asses handed to them by the Vikings.  I only learned about football in the last Cowboys game.  Even though I was forced to watch it as a child but, as a novice I could tell that those guys didn’t have a prayer and I’m pretty sure that I’m a better QB than Tony Romo.

Now my lady is curled up on my couch and I have a bean stew simmering on my stove.  It smells like heaven in here and watching her soundly sleeping is utter perfection.  There’s nothing quite like being in love, is there?


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