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I’m looking for internet writing jobs.  I’m looking at sites and venues that are close to my heart in either my politics, my orientation, or my city.  Today I was Googling (of course)  this time for Lesbian Musicians and I came upon the’s Lesbian Life page.  I’d be ideal to write for Lesbian Life but when I looked at available topics for and their contributing writers there wasn’t anything there for queers.  There was a topic for Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  And I know a little about that.  Below you will find the sample I sent them.  Tell me what you think?  Will it get me the job or get me laughed off the ‘net?

Welcome to Williamsburg.  Brooklyn, not Virgina

If you’re a Brooklynite then Williamsburg may be the last place on your list to visit.  It has a reputation for hipster kids wearing skinny jeans, spending Daddy’s money.  I can’t speak actual facts but I’m sure it was responsible for the rebirth of Ray-ban Way Farer Sunglasses.  Walking down Bedford Avenue on a Saturday night can elicit memories of sophomore year of college.  No matter the weather there will be a gaggle of twenty-something girls in very high heels wearing very short skirts clicking their way, three abreast, down the all ready too-crowded side walk.  There are twenty-something guys bringing back heroin chick with their small frames, smaller jeans, and pseudo vintage t-shirts.  Next to the smoke shop is the indy book store that’s next to the bakery where you can find vegan sweet things. 

I wrote a post once called “I hate Billy” because I really hated Williamsburg.  Sometimes I still do.  It’s far too expensive, it’s overly commercial in areas and it always breaks my heart when I walk to one of my favorite restaurants, Sweet Water, to see the little old ladies on their porch looking dismayed at what has become of their home.  Gentrification is an understatement when it comes to Williamsburg.  Now realtors will show you a place they like to call “East Williamsburg” which we all know is Bushwick.   Not only have we over taken what used to be a great Polish enclave, we’re starting to reach out towards the Latin American neighborhood that was Bushwick.  There’s got to be more, right?

When the L train first came into service it was sure death to those who rode it passed 1st avenue into Brooklyn.  Now you’re only somebody if you get off at Bedford Ave.  I decided to give Williamsburg a new look, I’ve been in NYC for 5 years now, it’s time to take a breath and rediscover the beauty that is Williamsburg, Brooklyn when you step away from Bedford Ave.  Naturally I start this journey with my stomach and it has to be said that Williamsburg is one of my favorite neighborhoods to eat. 

Off of the top of my head Sweet Water, The Lodge, DuMont, Fette Sau, and Malta are some of my top picks for food while Gimme! Coffee and Oslo are my picks for local caffeine.  If I’m looking to get really pissed I know I can head over to Spuyten Duyvil for a dizzying selection of brews from around the globe.  If I want to stay local then I’d pop over to Brooklyn Brewery and if I just want to go to a  place where I can grab a $2 PBR and a game of pool I’ll go to the Metropolitan.  The thing is, the majority of those places are away from the main drag that makes my stomach turn and my claustrophobia go into a tail-spin.  There’s more to Williamsburg than Bedford Avenue, let’s discover it together.


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