how are you finding me?

There’s this thingy on WordPress that shows me how people find me-or what folks type and end up here.  Today’s list is pretty standard.  Some if it is quite, um, gross like “Girls who like to smell other girls butts”  did I ever say that?  I don’t think so.  Others are pretty spot on “Ohio Lez”  “Ohio New York Lez”  and my favorite “Ohiolezgirlinnyc” 

Today one caught my eye and I had to laugh out loud ” Stomach virus in toledo ohio”  Was there an out break of that nasty stomach virus in Toledo when I was home for Christmas?  To think that some poor soul trying to find real medical answers does a search and comes to my blog?  Do you find that as amusing as I do?  I think it’s pretty damned funny.

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