I did absolutely nothing yesterday…and it was everything I hoped it would be and more

My lady and I had the intentions of getting a lot of stuff done on our mutual Sunday off.  We planned on waking up relatively early to get some breakfast.  We’d then venture into the city to run some errands and finish the day making dinner together at her place.  Instead we stayed in bed literally all day long.  We did take a break from our self-induced bed-in to put in one itty bitty load of laundry and to buy sustenance from the market. 

In our break from under the covers wonder we got a chance to catch the Three Kings Day parade that went down Graham Ave in Williamsburg/Bushwick which was pretty spectacular.  One of my favorite things about NYC is its diversity.  I’ve never been in such a place where culture is preserved so beautifully and where heritage and pride in that heritage is celebrated so vibrantly. 

In all of the five boroughs there are little pockets of culture.  Mir’s neighborhood has Latin American roots.  The last building she lived in was mostly Dominican and the one she lives in now is predominately Mexican.  Graham Ave is called “Puerto Rico Ave” and flags from all over Latin America fly proudly out of apartment windows, stenciled to the backs of cars, worn as sexy shirts by girls in the summer.

The neighborhood I lived in, Morningside Heights, was very Senegalese and West African.  Now I live in Bed Stuy/Crown Heights- a neighborhood literally teeming with cultural diversity.  In my building alone there are accents from all over the West Indies; Trinidad, Jamaica, you name it.  Across the hall lives a couple from a place in India I’m not aware of.  There are roti shops next to authentic African Dress makers.  There are men wearing turbans and men dressed for the mosque down the street.  It’s so amazing it’s almost overwhelming to walk into my building and smell the different curries mingling with the smell of ridiculously strong pot.  One of the reasons I never want to leave NYC is because I’m quite certain that this level of in-depth cultural pride cannot be found in such varied forms any where else in the world.  It’s refreshing.

So back to our lazy day.  We woke up and lulled around under her mountains of blankets and quilts.  We’d emerge individually to loo or to feed or let out her cat before returning to the warmth of the blankets.  Lines from “Sunday Morning” by Maroon Five come to mind, “steal some covers share some skin”  “you twist to fit the mold that I am in”…it was that kind of morning, afternoon, evening filled with whispers, kisses, food, beer, football and Season 4, the best season, of the L Word.  We didn’t do anything but it meant everything.  It was absolute perfection and exactly the way I needed to start my week.


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