What is “Lesbian Fashion?”

Oh, Shane.  I can’t think of another way to start a post on Lesbian Fashion than to post a picture of one of the most recognizable Lesbian characters in the Main Stream Media.  What about Ellen Degeneres you say or Wanda Sykes, or KD Lang?  Don’t worry.  I’ve got pictures of those ladies, too but there’s something very Shane about what the character Shane did for Lesbian Fashion. 

I know, I know we don’t all dress like Shane.  I, for one, do not dress like Shane in my day-to-day life.  I work for a retailer.   Did ya’ll know that?  I do.  For the job that pays the bills I get to play with clothing all day.  It’s not that I only play with clothing, Ido more than that.  The “real stuff” that I do isn’t as much fun as saying that I get to play with clothing all day so I say I play with clothing all day.  I’ve worked retail for over 10 years and as a result I get to be on the front lines of fashion. 

It always cracks me up when I get a phone call from home and my sister or mom asks me what’s “in” and what’s “out”  My sister started crocheting and made me a pair of leg warmers because she heard they were “in”  I felt bad telling her that they moved out last winter and will wear them to ballet classes or around my apartment because they’re super cute and cozy warm. 

So I’m sure you’re wondering what I do wear in my day-to-day?  Right now I’m wearing a pair of cozy J. Crew Sweats from years ago.  They’re oversized men’s sweats and they’re the most comfortable things I own.  I’m debating never taking them off today but it’s a crime to walk down the streets of Brooklyn or, gasp, in NYC in sweats-even if they say “Juicy” across your ass.  It’s not cute, ladies. 

If you were to peak into my closet, oh wait- that’s right, I don’t have a closet!  Ha!  If you were to peek into my room and look through my drawers you would find a lot of blazers.  Right now I own 6 in varied fabrics and colors.  You’d find 2 pairs of riding boots, 1 pair of cowboy boots, 1 pair of Sorrels.  You’d find running shoes, ballet flats, and cool sneakers.  You would not find any heels, not because I don’t like them-I’d love to prance down 5th avenue with genuine red soles but I can’t walk in ’em. 

If you took a peek into my knicker drawer you wouldn’t find a single thong.  You’d find lots of boy shorts, briefs, and men’s briefs.  You’d find a wide rainbow of opaque tights, knee highs, slips, and tulle.  You’d find another rainbow of tank tops and women’s boxer shorts.  Look in my bottoms drawer and you’d find an equal number of circle skirts and jeans.  A few pairs of cords, and one pair of cargos.  I own way too many vintage dresses and more v-neck cardigans than you can shake stick at.  I also love large flowers for my hair or lapel and tacky glittery brooches.  I wear fake glasses with thick rims and sport over-sized vintage frames when it’s sunny-summer or winter.

So have you pegged me as either “butch” or “femme”?  I read an article once that claimed if a lesbian needed to get dressed up for a fancy occasion and chose to wear a nice pair of trousers, a button down shirt and tie she’s butch and if she opted for a skirt or dress she’s femme.  Sexual fluidity is lost on me but Fashion Fluidity is not.  I’d have a hard time making that decision.

So that’s how I dress.   Let’s see what Google pulls up when you enter “Lesbian Fashion” into the search field.

 Go check it out and then come back.


So this was written in August of last year and all of the top ten lesbian fashion icons but huge props to that blogger.  I may have to add it to my blog roll to see what else she’s chattin’ about.  Taking a nod from that post I decided to Google, “Lesbian Fashion Icons” next and this was the second link that popped up.  (the first was the above)


Hmmmm.  Very interesting discussion on gender but not really what I was hoping to find in terms of Lesbian Fashion.  Google Image time and look at these pretty ladies

Tegan and Sara.  I’m a fan.  I’m totally in love with Tegan (sorry Sara)  I’d like to point out a few things in this photo that make my gaydar go off the map.  Note the “lesbian” hair.  One of my work buddies and damned good jewelry designers, Wren, noted yesterday that lesbians love the “Tegan and Sara Hair”  It’s sorta longish and side-swept in the front a little shorter in the middle back and nice and long-mullet style at the bottom-Tegan and Sara Hair.  Note also the tattoos. 

So Cool Hair Cuts and Tattoos equal Lesbian Fashion.  Let’s move on.  To the Blazer.  I love the Blazer.  Back in the day when I worked for the Crew and was calling myself straight I rocked the shit out of the blazer.  Picture, if you will, this ensemble.  I would wear Bootcut Jeans with Jack Purcell Sneakers.  A button down shirt with a graphic Tee over and a navy blue or black Blazer.  Hot, right?  Blazers, oh so gay, In my humble opinion and Wanda Sykes seems to think so too.  Most images of Ms. Sykes on Google show her sporting my favorite key wardrobe item.

  Exhibit A.  Graphic T and Awesome White Blazer.

Exhibit B.  Another white blazer but with Pinstripes.

Kate Moenning is the queen of blazers with ties.  I’m diggin’ this look so hard.  And not just because it’s Kate.  Give me any hot woman in a blazer, jeans and a tie and I’m a melty, bat-eyed, flirty mess.  So naturally I Googled “Women Wearing Ties”  and goodgoddamn.  I will admit that most of it is man eye-candy but I couldn’t resist this picture.

That’s sorta where Google went dry-Sorry Google but you don’t really have much love for Lesbian Fashion.  Is that all there is?  A few ties, some tattoos, blazers and awesome hair?  I don’t think so.  Fashion is Fashion because it gives us the creativity to do with it what we see fit.  The beauty of being an individual and being confident in your look is that you can change it when ever you chose to.  There are things I wish I could do to myself to dyke up my fashion a little more.  Especially when getting solicited by dudes on the street.  I want to cut my hair a la Wanda Sykes in that bottom picture.  I’d love to get another tattoo (I’m debating on either a vintage type writer or vintage cutlery) and I’m always on the hunt for a perfect vintage dress, skirt, or awesome fitting jean.  I told one of my friends that my winter look was going to be a mohawk, vintage dresses, and bright red lipstick-I haven’t had the nerve to rock the ‘hawk yet, though.

Lesbian Fashion is what you make of it-so make it work.


12 thoughts on “What is “Lesbian Fashion?”

    • i really want that book, actually! i look at it almost every day. i’m having my artist friend do some sketches for me. i want a vintage type writer on my my upper waist/painful rib area of my side

  1. I’m not a lesbian however I am planning on growing out a mullet pretty much just for fun.
    do lots of people consider the mullet to be a lesbian look? I’m a little worried that people will think of me as gay. Not that I have any problem at all with gays I just am not one.

    • The question begs to be asked…why are you reading a lesbian blog if you’re not a lesbian? that slight curiosity aside, I would say that no lesbian will hit on you i you’re sportin’ a mullet. the tegan and sara style mullet isn’t really a mullet as much as a mullet-esqu style. And, I suppose, it very much has to do with what sort of mullet you’re toying with. If it’s a classic business in front party in the back style then no-but if it’s super stylish I’d be inclined to wonder. I have a co-worker, very straight, but very queer friendly and she has a mohawk. She gets hit on a lot when she goes to gay bars with her gay sister. But she’s in a gay bar with a pseudo “lesbian” hairstyle…

      • Have you noticed, though, that the “trendy” haircut of the season is very mullet-esque. My sister is a PT hairstylist and she says that she gets a lot of people wanting a derivative of the mullet…

        That aside, yes please – a woman is +10 much hotter in a blazer. I don’t have 8 but I would like to add to my 1 hanging in the closet. I believe in having different styles though: the date blazer, the coffeeshop blazer, the lesbian-bar-prowling blazer… XD

        My GF and I thought it was hilarious how last Fall, all the urban trends (biker jeans, boots, plaid shirt, white tank) were based on old lesbian steretypes. Then add the rise in short hair among stor8 girls… It’s like my Gaydar went “OMG WTF DIE” @ the mall.

        Also, I am jealous that you work in clothing retail. I never could score a job working with my first love >__<

      • I have noticed that trend in hair styling! I actually had a sorta for a minute fake because she’s straight crush on the coworker with the mohawk. When she first started working she had a very “lesbian aka trendy” hair style-very mullet-esque and I was intrigued not because I wanted to wreck my relationship-but because I was thrilled that another lesbian came on board. We laugh about it now, her sister’s gf and my gf share the same name-she’s very gay friendly. But, it is really difficult to try to peg someone gay or not gay based soley on hair. I gotta say though, it’s pretty queer hair; the mullet, the mohawk, the asymetrical stuff sets my gaydar all askew. On the subway I’ll think that there’s a ton of gay girls riding one morning, or I’ll see a girl I assume is queer and then she snuggles next to some guy. It makes me thankful that I’m not treading this sea of straight girl wearing gay girl style!

      • I was actually led here when googling pictures of the Tegan and Sara mullet and I figured I may as well read it

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