I bought a new camera for Christmas.  It’s a Nikon p90 Coolpix.  My friend, James, bought a new Camera for Christmas too-His is the Nikon 3000D (or something)  suffice to say that James’ camera is way cooler (and more expensive) than mine.  I took this picture with my new (cheaper) Nikon on my first day back to NYC from Ohio.  I’d never photographed the Flatiron Building before so I thought I’d test out a few settings and take a few shots.

In other news, I’m still living in an apartment that’s in disarray.  I’ve been able to install 2 hooks into my blaster over cinder block walls.  That’s what I’m guessing they’re made of since I can’t drill through them and when I do drill I get huge chunks of plaster that falls off which means that I have huge holes in my wall from where I tried to drill.

I’ve also gone through 3 bottles of Drano for my kitchen sink that was running slowly before I left for Ohio and now is just not running at all.  I tried the greener and more eco-conscious remedy of Baking Soda, Salt, Vinegar and hot water.  It was successful for my slow-moving bathtub drain but didn’t work at all on this disaster that is my kitchen.  It’s made even more hazardous because Oscar, my crazy kitten, likes to stick his paws in the murky Drano mess and lick them.  So I’ve spent the morning finishing organizing my living room and cleaning off kitty paws with soap and water.

Boring blog, eh?  Sorry.  I promise that next time it will be filled with life and energy rather than whatever is opposite of energy and life.

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