airport blues

Truthfully, I don’t have the blues.  I have a bit of a hang over that never really quite developed and my mouth feels like complete and utter shit but that’s not really the blues.  I was eavesdropping on some folks across from me in the terminal.   One gentlemen has been back to this particular airport in this particular terminal twice already just to get turned away.  If you haven’t been following the news there’s been some snow on the east coast.  Currently, I’m in the airport in DC waiting for my 8AM flight to Detroit. 

I arrived home from work last night around 2 am.  We’d actually finished at 11:30 but I waited almost twenty minutes for a F train and another 45 minutes for a “delayed A train stalled at 34th street”  I was without my ipod, I was without anything to read, I was highly annoyed so I resolved to go home, get drunk and stay up for the remainder of the night/morning.  Understand that my flight this morning left La Guardia airport in Queens, NY at 6AM.  Which means I left my apartment at 4AM which means that getting home at 2AM with nothing packed and a “straightened up” apartment didn’t equal clean.  At around 3 I decided to take a disco nap, after my 3 glasses of wine and mouthfuls of spinach dip.

I was waiting in a long line for a check in kiosk (the wrong one) andwho should stroll into the same terminal standing in the same wrong line as I?  None other than Heather Matarazzo.  If you have to ask who she is it’s okay.  I really had a hard time making myself not call her “Vagina Wig”  Ring a bell?  Yup, Stacy Merkin aka “Vagina Wig” (Heather Matarazzo) strolled in with her wife Carolyn Murphy.  Of course Heather isn’t just Stacy Vagina Wig Merkin she played Lilly in The Princess Diaries and was the cover girl for Curve Magazine last year-among other things.  The pair checked their bags just a head of me and boarded (coach) behind me.  I saw them strolling around my current terminal in DC a few moments ago but have no clue where they are going. 

I thought that I was pretty slick in my stalking and looking.  I didn’t look too hard or long but I did pull out my Diva Magazine while waiting for our flight to board, in eye sight of the ladies.  So ladies, if you are googling your name and some how some way find your way to this itty bitty spot in cyber space.  Mazel Tov on your wedding and for being a wonderfully amazing lesbian couple!  I loved your.

Curve Magazine 12/08 gay lesbian HEATHER MATARAZZO

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