I like how “masturbation” brings in the readers

Seriously, since the “Masturbation Station” post I went from an average of 10-15 visitors to my site daily to 35-40.  Ahh you cyberdykes…is it because we all masturbate?   Well, of course we all do and those of you who say you don’t are liars.  Everyone masturbates.  In honor of self-pleasure I’ve decided to dedicate another entire post to masturbation. 

First, songs about masturbation.  When you google “songs about masturbation”  this is the first site that comes up.


I have to say I was really excited to see both Prince and Tori Amos listed in the top 5 songs.  Because I can barely decipher most Tori lyrics I’m going to have to listen to “Icicle” again.  My crush on this straight red-head grows almost daily.

The artists on Pages 2 and 3 I didn’t recall and it didn’t get exciting for me again until the last page.  So I went back to google and found this next site-dedicated to songs about Women who Masturbate


More my style, I’ve gotta say.  I really like that Pink video and another nod to Tori Amos on jezebel.com.  Typing “Masturbation” into google gives you a whole lot more to think about.  There are threads from WebMd, Wikopedia, and Yahoo.  It was questions like “How do you masturbate” that got me thinking though.  When was the first time I masturbated?

I can’t remember, truth be told, but I know I did it a whole lot as a kid.  Child, pre-teen.  Which ever you prefer.  I’m not sure when it happened exactly or if I knew what I was doing at the time but there was a lot of hands in the pants moments when I was a wee girl.  I remember watching sex scenes in movies are stealing my mom’s romance novels and reading about sexual encounters of buxom red heads and savage “Indian” men and getting excited.  I like climbing up on my dad’s shelves to his stash of Playboys and looking and the women and their picture perfect (airbrushed) bodies. 

The removable shower head was my favorite all time favorite-or the laying under the faucet.  This may or may not have something to do with the fact that I’m probably one of the only women alive who can’t achieve a clitoral orgasm (easily) with my own hand.    There, I’ve said it.  I’ve admitted my vibrator addiction and it all started with a shower head to relieve my mother’s back tension.  (Yeah, right, sure)

I can get off with my hand, it has happened but it’s not my preference because it takes forever.  I applaud those women who can literally rub one out.   After about 10 minutes of rubbing and rubbing and rubbing, I just give up and turn to my vibrator.  This isn’t to say that a clitoral orgasm is off the table for me-I love them but I always need assistance, mechanically.  I even tried to ween myself from the vibrator and really focus on giving myself an orgasm with my hand for fear that I’ve ruined all sensation in my clit but end up frustrated and my fantasies are distracted by the fact that I’m working really hard for something that should be easy and frustration-free.  Plus the question begs to be asked, why rub when you can flick a switch and get off quick?

So there, another post dedicated to self-love.  I encourage you to give your partner the gift of orgasm this holiday season.  I know I’ve got a hitachi with my name on it coming from the Hanukkah fairy and I’m delighted.  Take a trip to Babeland, New Yorkers.  I prefer the Lower East Side store-the girls are hotter and nicer and get your special lady a gift card or your favorite vibe.  She’ll thank you and if you’re lucky you can do some mutual masturbation.  That information, my friends, you will not be getting from me 😉

2 thoughts on “I like how “masturbation” brings in the readers

    • “Masturbation” is still my most popular post. I’m thinking it may have to be a regularly occuring post. Masturbation Mondays starting next week!

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