apartments in NYC

If you’ve never lived in New York City and enjoy watching shows like Sex and the City, Friends, or even Sesame Street you may have an idea of what a New York apartment “looks” like.  If those shows, or any show or movie based in New York City is your reference then you’d be dead wrong.  That’s not to say that some New York apartments aren’t NBC prime time worthy.  I’ve been to two recently and was wowed by the “Friends-ness” of them.

Truth be told, if my salary were bigger than it is I’d want to live in an apartment like there’s.  Even with my meager wages I found a perfect-for-me apartment in Bed Stuy for under a grand.  Remember that post?  It’s tiny, but not teeny.  The floor is slanted in both of my two rooms-the living room/kitchen and bedroom.  Within a week of moving in a saw two (dead) mice and I’ve seen two larger water bugs (dead) on the first floor.  Like most renters, even those in the best apartments, I set up some roach traps around my kitchen, I try (try) not to leave my dirty dishes over night and I got my self an illegal asshole of a kitten that’s thankfully kept the mice at bay.

Overall, I’ve had a relatively good experience so far in the place.  Especially when I compare the laundry list of woes Mirs has at her place-for instance she has a giant hole in her middle room.  A couple dead mice and two dead roaches aren’t too bad. 

The other day, after an evening at Mirs’ Ice Box (her heat is awful) I came home to my (too heated) apartment to a disturbing smell.  I’d been away for almost 24 hours so I figured it was Oscar’s box.  I scooped out the offending poos and opened my fridge for some Brita water and was knocked on my ass from the odor from my fridge.  I’d recently reset the temperature from 7 (the coldest) to 5 because most of my produce was frozen over.  I figured it wasn’t cold enough and moved the dial to 6.  Today I came home to the same smell.  Followed the previous procedures and checked the temperature in the refrigerator.  Everything was “cool” no temperate to the touch-even my $5 a dozen farm fresh eggs.  After calling my landlord for my building manager’s phone number I’ve been instructed to unplug the fridge for 36 hours and then everything should be resolved.  Meanwhile I have a piece of $15 red snapper in my freezer-that’s in perfect working order.

GRRRRR.  Can’t I just get a new fridge, dude?  So now my darling girlfriend has to take an unneccesary 2 hour break from her paper writing to come here to take all of the fish, chicken and veggies out of my freezer.  And I have to stop blogging and clean so she doesn’t see the mess I tend to keep when she’s away 😉


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