weekend in review, too

Bowling.  Something I did quite frequently back in Ohio.  In Ohio bowling pretty much goes like this.  Incredibly divey alley with bad lighting and rented bowling shoes your very scared to put your feet in.  There’s usually a sports game on TV and a woman with badly dyed hair womaning the bar.  The beers on tap are all varieties of Budweiser and Miller.  Maybe, if you’re lucky, there will be Heineken-maybe.  The game is about 10 bucks and the shoe rental another dollar or two.  You drink the cheap beer out of plastic cups from a plastic pitcher and after the third, if you’re with a group of friends, things get rowdy, competitive and more likely than not you find yourself smoking with the bartender with the bad dye job at the bar while waiting for your fourth pitcher of Bud Light.

Bowling in Brooklyn at a place called Brooklyn Bowl was nothing like any bowling experience I’ve had before.  The bowling alley is huge-with a separate restaurant and waitress service for your bowling lane.  Instead of hard plastic public transportation-like chairs to sit in we lounged in leather couches that looked as though they were purchased from Restoration Hardware.  The beers on tap were cheap-$5 a pint (is that cheap or have I been in New York for too long) but they were all local beers (go local!)  From the Brooklyn Brewery just ’round the corner.  The food was average pub fair-but with a gourmet touch.  I’m not certain but I wouldn’t be surprised if the kitchen’s chef was on a show like Top Chef or some Food Network show at one time or another.  The two games on two lanes for two hours that we played cost about $200 dollars-split between 16 people it wasn’t that awful but bowling has definitely come along way.  And what an ingenious idea.  The idea of fancy bowling was made better because we were celebrating the birthday of an old friend of mine.  Her wife and best friend organized the event.  Another friend, a sweet young man of 23, was also celebrating his birthday and all-in-all we had a large group of gay girls, straight boys and their girlfriends and their parents taking over the not-too-hipster part of Williamsburg.  The night ended with my third Hip Hop show-Talib Kweli and Friends-including my growing favorite, Jean Grae. 

Mirs didn’t join me for the festivities.  She was especially disappointed when it was announced that Jean Grae would be performing.  Mirs has a mad-crazy crush on Jean Grae.  I believe she’s actually called her the hottest black woman alive.  Admittedly, I was a little insulted by that statement-I mean, I’m her girlfriend I should clearly be the hottest black woman aside.  I’m not really worried about Jean running off with my girl, though.  Last I checked she was pretty straight.

It was good hanging out with the girls, though.  It grew harder as they paired off every once in a while-since everyone we were with were coupled up.  My Friend Crush was pleasantly without her other half for the majority of the day and it gave us the chance to catch up.   She’s in a brand new relationship and very much in that can’t-keep-my-hands-off-of-you-must -have-you-now-sex phase.  Flirting with her is like a get out of jail free card.  It’s harmless because we’re both in relationships; mine is committed, her’s hasn’t been quite defined yet.  Still, flirtation with friends-both gay and straight-is perfectly acceptable, in my opinion.  It allows you to flirt, and Libras are notorious flirters, but without any of the awkward-is she into me? Self-questioning that real flirting brings. 

The main difference from this group of lesbian friends and the group of lesbian friends we’re doing Thanksgayving with is this friend-flirting.  Both groups of girls are close-knit, both are in their late early 30’s (some late 20’s), both groups are, for the most part, coupled up.  In the group I spent time with last night-the flirting among friends is more common place.  It may have something to do with the fact that half of them have slept with each other in their college days.  Flirting, though, is so much fun.  I love to flirt, and it’s even more fun when someone flirts with you back and you both know that nothing is, or will ever, come from it.  It’s innocent, it’s fun, it’s exciting, and it helps you remember that you still have “it”  That “it” that helped you get your partner and the “it” that keeps them wanting more.


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