Durty Thirty

On my 21st birthday I had a quiet dinner with my then fiance, my good friend, and my family.  I enjoyed two glasses of wine and a decent meal at a chain restaurant in Toledo.

On my 30th birthday I started the evening with buy one get one martinis at Garage bar in the village listening to live jazz and chatting with my girlfriend before our dinner reservations at Perilla. Dinner was amazing-we started with the spicy duck meatballs in an amazingly decadent sauce including a quail’s egg.  The appetizer was followed by a porter house steak for two accompanied by the most amazing gnocchi and farrow risotto that I’ve ever had.  The steak was enormous.  So big that we didn’t finish it and will have steak and eggs for breakfast tomorrow.  I had two glasses of a Pinot Noir from Oregon and we talked about our relationship, spending time together, and appreciating one another.

After my second glass of wine and wonderfully full I decided that I wanted to smoke cigarettes and purchased a pack of Nat Sherman ciggys and stumbled around the village to find our evening’s post-RF Lounge.

When we arrived my friend greeted us and we proceeded inside.  I was surprised to find that the place was actually decently busy.  The previous week on the same night we visited and there were only a handful of ladies present.  I figured it would be a great place to bring a mainly straight group of people for some dancing.

When we got there the DJ was playing techno gay boy music and my slew of friends and I were less than amused.  We were able to get the DJ to switch up the jams from techno gay boy to rockin’ 80’s and 90’s beats.  We danced like there was no tomorrow.  I did shot after shot of only god-knows-what and told nearly every person in the place that it was my 30th birthday.  I believe that I fell down more than once, I grinded my ass into more women than I can count and on the cab right home tried to send text messages that Mirs had to edit.  When I hit the pillow I felt absolutely no pain and I woke up thankfully head ache free and have been laying around the apartment all day.

We’re heading out to dinner now before meeting friends for Birthday Night Part Two at Stonewall.

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