The Apple Store on 5th Ave

I often wonder what the folks at Apple think of people like me.

People like me, which for one reason or another, do not have access to the internet at their homes and who instead wander into the store on a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly basis to do their basic internet “stuff.”  I like to pop by my Blog to check out what’s going on.

The woman next to me seems to be from Spain and was checking her e-mail.  The gay man with the very long extensions in front of me seems to be doing a bit of muli-tasking;  Setting styling appointments (he’s a personal shopper) and paying bills (he seems to spend too much of his own money shopping)  When he’s having a “personal” conversation on his phone he kneels down below the table to talk on the phone.  When he’s talking about clothing or styling he’s talking loudly, gesturing, and doesn’t seem to care who listens on.

Tomorrow is my birthday.  The original plan was go go to Sputnik tonight to get my dance on.  I hate to admit the fact that I am getting another year older and therefore don’t have the ability to party the whole night through and wake up to function at work at 7AM.  If tomorrow were my 20th birthday and not my 30th it would be no problem-I’m sure that I did something of the sort a decade ago.  Alas, it’s a decade later and 20 is not 30.  At 30 you’re presumably smarter, wiser, mature.  Folks who are smart, wise, with a certain level of maturity do not go out to party and dance their birthday eve away because the probability of not waking in time for work the next day is strong.  Instead I will have drinks with friends at RF Lounge the day of my birthday, after dinner with my special girl and party on the actual day, the day after, and the day after that.  Like a responsible 30 year old.


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