Whirl Wind

Hey There,

It’s been a bit of a whirl wind lately.  I’m all moved into my new place but my internet isn’t scheduled to be turned on until September 1st.  Mirs and I have been dividing our time between her place and mine because of issues in each.  It’s been fun, it’s been tiring and I miss my computer and access to the internet.  Hence, the lack of posting.

There is good news though, my very good friend, Dez is going to help me amp up the graphics on my blog with an original sketch of myself (nice)  I’m also importing my food blog from blogger over here as well to start posting my recipes on a regular basis.   Lastly, another friend is going to use the graphic from Dez to make business cards for me that I’ll be leaving all over NYC.   OhioLezGirl will still be about my personal life, etc. but I want to get into the dyke scene in the City a bit more, get out there and meet folks.  Lots of changes a foot.  Thanks for hanging on.  Talk soon and with regularity after September 1st.


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