Going Our Separate Ways

That is correct, my friends, after this weekend Mirs and I will be living in our own apartments.  Hers is a large one bedroom with office and back yard only a few blocks from where we are now.  Mine is a small one bedroom about a 10 minute bike ride (or 30 minute bus ride) away.  Even though it feels a little bittersweet to be sitting in an almost empty apartment filled with boxes it’s great to think about the possibilities the future holds.  I’m sure I’ll feel differently in one week when I’m in my bed all by my lonesome, but for now, I see the possibilities.

For instance, we both have bathtubs in our new places.  This means that if I’m having a rough day or if she’s having a rough day there will always be a tub big enough for two to soak away the worries of the day.  We have our own space.  There’s never a need to walk off steam in the back yard or down the street if there’s a tiff.  Instead, we can politely leave for the evening and spend the rest of the night tossing and turning in our individual beds worrying that the other is still upset.  Another great thing is that I can get a cat.  I’ve been combing cat adoption websites looking for a new feline friend to keep me company on lonely nights.  I can also be as messy or as clean as I want.   I can take long showers without fear of using up all the hot water.  I can loo with the door open.  So many things, clearly.

In all seriousness, we’re both a little on the sad side.  It’s been an eventful four months of co-habitation and we’ve definitely learned a lot about one another.  I’ve learned so many things about myself as a partner and friend and I’ve learned so much about her as my partner and friend.  Through the craziness that has been the last few months, we’re in a much better place.  We have a clear understanding of where the other is coming for and for the first time in a while I feel one hundred percent confident in my relationship.  I’ve always been happy but it’s been unsettling, to say the least.

I got the keys to my sweet little pad last week and over the weekend we started moving things in and started cleaning.  Wednesday Mirs gets her keys and we’ll get the majority of her things moved over as well.  After that I’m fending for myself, again, in some respect.  I’d like to say we’ll get on a set schedule where Sundays and Mondays we stay at our own places, Tuesdays and Wednesdays we’re at my place, Thursday and Friday hers and Saturday wherever we land but that’s not logical.  Life can’t be planned down to the hour, the week, the month, the year.  It just happens.  I’ve learned this, over the passed four months.  I’ve learned that things don’t always work out as you plan them to.  You can’t control the situations and the people in those situations.  That said, you can’t leave things to chance-they have to be worked on, tended to; mended, for them to grow into something you couldn’t imagine in the first place.


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