My Garden

My girlfriend and I started gardening in our back yard early in the spring. We killed three heirloom tomato plants partially we purchased them too early in the season, partially because we purchased them from growers who didn’t care.

We’ve since found great growers who are knowledgeable and quick to answer questions via e-mail or when we hound them at the Farmer’s Market in Union Square. We’ve learned a lot by reading books like Garden Anywhere and the Urban Homestead. Mirs is an internet maven and I’ll often come home to something great she’s learned about tomatoes or eggplants.

Last week we welcomed 1000 composting worms into our home and I feel a lot better about feeding kitchen scraps and coffee grounds to our hungry little compost makers than to just throw them out to be put in a landfill.

There are recipes to follow this post, believe me. I made a really yummy broccoli salad with carrots and radishes as well as an amazing orzo caprese salad. For now, I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures of our garden.

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