Apartment Shopping Blues

We’re in that waiting game period of apartment shopping. We’ve put in our application, they’ve got all of the necessary paperwork. They’ve got the money and they’ve just got to give us an answer. We’ve been waiting since Thursday. I’m not sure why we thought it would be a good idea to apply for an apartment on a holiday weekend. It’s miserable.

Yesterday I got a message from the manager of the company letting us know that they had everything that they needed and we’d know by Monday. It’s nice knowing that Monday is D-Day but at the same time it’s still nerve wracking.

So we’re just waiting in limbo for this place that’s beyond amazing. I’m really into the powers of positive thinking so I’ve been doing a lot of visualizations, a lot of positive energy work, a lot of seeing the apartment and seeing us in the apartment.

As we’re sitting on the bed in our small 200 square foot studio apartment the larger one a few neighborhoods away with the spacious rooms (yes, I said rooms) the private back yard and the full access to the basement is calling my name like Sirens calling sailors in the night. Wait. That’s a fucked up analogy. Positive analogy. Positive analogy. Calling to me like the sound of larks calling to the sun to start a new day. There. Stolen from Shakespeare, maybe, but positive.

Send positive vibes my way, folks! Now together, OOOOOMMMMM


2 thoughts on “Apartment Shopping Blues

  1. Good luck with the apartment…waiting for an answer is like dying a slow death. Reminds me of when my partner and I were buying our house…such a nerve racking experience; but so rewarding in the end.

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