We’re Looking for Places Together!

Yesterday was Gay Pride in Manhattan and the day before was the Dyke March. Believe me, I have lots of pictures, lots of gossip, and lots of drama to divulge…

…in the meantime, while pictures or uploading Mirs and I looked at our first apartment together. If you remember correctly, we’ve got some pretty precise specifics. We want to spend less than $1800, we want two bedrooms, we want a back yard and we want a big kitchen. It’d also be great to have access to a basement or roof access if a back yard isn’t available.

It sounds like a tall order but, surprisingly, we’ve been quite successful in our online pursuits. The apartment we saw today wasn’t in the neighborhood we’re looking at but it fit the bill in almost every other aspect.

We celebrated our one year anniversary over the weekend and it’s so amazing to me that this woman is my partner. We’ve been through so much-there’s still a story that I have yet to post about meeting her best friend while we visited Oakland on our trip to San Francisco. It was hard and we learned another lesson from one another. We also had a long tear-filled discussion on Saturday night after getting harassed and verbally assaulted by a man on our walk home. Through these hard talks, issues with passed loves and the such we’ve continued to grow and learn in our love.

After the Dyke March, in Washington Square Park surrounded by lesbians and boobies I chatted up my Friend Crush and my old high school pal while Mirs looked on (and by looked on I mean gawked at boobies) I sat down next to her on a stone bench and she squeezed my hand and told me that sometimes she feels guilty that she’s my first and only girlfriend. She sees me happy and friendly flirting and wondered if I wanted to or wished I’d met her later.

I looked into her eyes and whispered in her ear that I was in love with her and although she is my first lesbian relationship I’m confident that I want her to be my last.

I can say with absolute certainty that if Mirs wasn’t my one love that I would be a gigantic lesbian slut bag with a trail of broken hearts in my wake. Everything happens for a reason, though. She came into my life at the perfect time and although we’re different on so many levels it’s those differences that nurture us. She’s strong when I’m weak. I’m patient when she needs patience. It just works.

Do I wish that I could’ve flirted with all of the sexy topless and clothed ladies that were sprawled along the West 4th area of lower Manhattan? Yeah, it would be great. I’m not going to lie. I got to admire them, though, with my girlfriend along side admiring as well. I get to go home with her, I get to wake up with her, I get to learn from and about her and that’s something I wouldn’t trade for all the boobies in lower Manhattan.

(yes, I’ve been saying “boobies”)


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