OH-IO*Lez-girl*in*NYC Goes to San Francisco

Part Two

I’ll admit, I have yet to slough off my snarky East Coast persona and trade it for a mellower West Coast one. It’s hard. Even though I’ve only been in New York for going on 5 years I’ve always had the ‘tude. It’s probably because my parents are from Jersey-for Pathy, by way of North Carolina, but they’re both pretty no nonsense. I mean, I try to appease people but not all of the time. Mostly, I’m direct, assertive, and some people (including my mother) would describe me as bitchy.

I’ve been sweet, polite, and gracious since San Francisco. I’ve held open doors for people at restaurants and allowed other passengers to get on public transit before elbowing my way on without a second thought. I’m working on it. We got these magnets yesterday at a super gay book store on Castro Street. Did I mention that we’re staying in the Castro. If you’re a gay boy that reads this blog-this place is for you. Gay, gay, gay, gay, gay. Notice I said gay-not lesbian. That’s not to say that there aren’t lesbians here but they’re not really a focus.

I went into a shoe store called Body and was greeted by the store owner, Isiah. He was a built, buff, light on his toes homo boy. His bald head was dripping beads of sweat as he pranced back and forth between the floor and the stock room to find the perfect shoe. Between try ons he danced around to the new Black Eyed Peas album and we discussed our partners and shoes. When I asked why there were no women’s styles, he simply explained that the lesbians wanted the men’s shoes so he started carrying them in smaller sizes. Most of the clothing stores down the main drag are male focused and there’s porn. Lots and lots of porn.

Back to the magnets. We got these magnets from an older gay man named John. (I may be rude but I do like to chat up shop keepers, it’s the retail manager in me) He came to San Francisco from New York years ago. He said he got here and just didn’t return. I was looking for post cards that were provocative to send to friends back home. Most of them were straight porn-style and I was sure they wouldn’t get delivered or that I’d get arrested for sending them in the male. I found these Astrological Magnets and got one for Mirs (a Virgo) and Me (a Libra). Let’s just say that some of her attributes read; “Witty, Helpful, dedicated” mine go something like, “Manipulative, Gullible, Style Slave.” I’ll admit that mine aren’t the most flattering but I don’t really care. It’s who I am. And I know that I’m helpful and dedicated…when it suits me.

Yesterday we got to play a tourist. We boarded an old cable car and took the F line from the Castro down Market Street to Fisherman’s Wharf. I didn’t see the Sea lions, though. We skipped that stop and went instead to Pier 45 and boarded a Red and White Cruise around the Bay. Unfortunately, the pictures advertising the tour were edited-completely void of the thick heavy fog that made the Golden Gate Bridge impossible to see. We’ve still got 5 more days to go so I’m sure I’ll get better pictures. We had the famous sour dough bread which was just as good as it’s supposed to be. The Clam Chowder was another story. I’m convinced I can make a better bowl of soup.

We then took a Trolley Car to City Lights Books, but instead we stayed on the Trolley because it was $5 one way (WTF) and because it was fun. We wandered around at a stop on Market, went passed the big box stores like Saks Fifth Avenue (but not really) Macy’s (but not in Harold Square) Berdorf (again, not on Fifth Ave) etc., etc. Why substitute for these imitations of the real thing just minutes from my place of employment. Phhft.

We made it back home in time to meet up with our friends to go to the opening night of the Fresh Meat Festival Of Transgender and Queer Performance. http://www.freshmeatproductions.org/
It was amazing. Simply amazing and wildly eye-opening. It’s always great to be surrounded by people who are like you. Spending 3 hours with my Girlfriend, her best friend, and another friend surrounded by people who aren’t defined by gender or society in a space that was open, friendly, and accepting was inspirational. I had a lot of favorite performances. I can’t really get into specifics here because the sunshine is calling my name. I will say that the Sean Dorsey Dance Company will be performing the piece entitled “Lou” -a suite of dances based on the lifelong journal of Lou Sullivan, a trailblazing female-to-male gay transsexual activist writer, and researcher-will be showing in Manhattan in Late July at Dixon Place. Check it out-and go see it!


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