WANTED: Two Bedroom Ground Floor Apartment with Exclusive Use of Private Back Yard Under $1800

Do you suppose that if I posted this Want Ad on Craigslist that landlords would come to us? I think it would be a good experiment. I’ll put a link to the add up at the bottom of this post.

I started this on Monday and since then I’ve received 5 e-mails regarding the little query I put on Craigslist. This is what I’m talking about-let the landlords come to me!

I’ve mentioned it several times before but I’m actively looking for new lesbian friends-or rather to build stronger bonds with lesbian acquaintances. Yesterday afternoon I visited one of these new friends in her Clinton Hill home. I walked through her neighborhood and was immediately drawn back to my old home up in Harlem. Instead of African music playing it was Caribbean music. I was a little confused because I remembered looking at an apartment in Clinton year 4 years prior and I was surrounded by Hasidic Jews-What a difference one subway stop makes.

We got to her building and I was a little taken aback. She’s a petite queer white girl living in this larger building that could’ve been lifted out of a Spike Lee movie. I’m generally not a fan of larger apartment buildings. I don’t like thinking about the hundreds of families and individuals that may or may not be in my business. I like only having a dozen neighbors in a building.

My friend Mark lives in a building like this up in Morningside. I was prepared to walk into an outdated apartment with bad plumbing and warped wood floors. I was very pleasantly surprised. Instead of a dimly lit apartment I walked into one of the largest apartments I’d seen in a really long time. The studio I’m currently sharing with Mirs could have easily fit into her living room-shit, her bedroom was bigger than our place. I got the grand tour and was immediately filled with apartment envy.

We spent about an hour chatting with my soon-to-be new friend before bidding our adieus and taking the long long bus ride back to our side of Brooklyn. Being in that giant apartment and returning to our tiny one was like an annoying mosquito bite. It stung at first and as the night drew to a close it started to get more and more itchy and I started scratching it until I rubbed my skin raw, taking off the top most layers.

I’m ready to move. I’m ready to move immediately. I’m so ready to move that I’d move tomorrow and pay to break the lease Mirs is currently in. In my head I have the picture of the perfect apartment. This is what it looks like-


It can’t be that hard, really, to find the perfect apartment for my lady and I. Just this morning while looking on Craigslist we found a $1600 two bedroom in Prospect Park Area…Niiice.


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